Destiny 2 Not Getting Venus As A Playable Location, Only Vault Of Glass

Despite the return of The Vault of Glass, Destiny 2's next season will not bring back Venus as a destination.

One of the original game's patrol areas, it appears the planet second from the sun will not be added as part of Season 14.

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Destiny 2 Not Getting Venus As A Playable Location, Only Vault Of Glass

Earlier this month, Loic Ralet, Destiny's community manager for France revealed that while Vault of Glass would be returning, the overarching Venus location would not be.

That's a shame, but it hopefully means that an alternative location is being added instead - Venus wasn't all that interesting back in 2014, after all.

Last year, Bungie revealed plans to cycle Destiny 2 content in and out of the "Destiny Content Vault", including the addition of older content from Destiny 1. We've since seen the Cosmodrome (albeit not the full version), and a pair of classic Strikes added so far, but Vault of Glass remains the big addition for many players looking forward to Season 14.

As the first game's initial raid, it introduced many players to endgame content back in 2014, and Bungie has promised it's going to surprise longtime players when it returns this year.

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