Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2020: Start Date, Rewards, Triumphs, and Everything Else We Know

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Destiny 2 continues to grow, and it's time to celebrate how far the franchise has come with Moments of Triumph 2020.

These in-game achievements earn some exclusive rewards and will kick off today, July 7. They'll run all the way to November 10, the release date of Beyond Light, so you'll have plenty of time to work your way through.

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Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph Rewards

It's worth noting that while all players, even those from New Light, are free to take part in Moments of Triumph, some objectives will require DLC content and season passes.

Bungie has been absolutely killing it with armour designs in recent months

Not only can you earn in-game rewards (with a Sparrow and Ghost up for grabs), but you can also get your hands on a "Moments of Triumph" t-shirt for completing fifteen triumphs.

There's also this collectable raid ring available for players that finish all five raids during the season.

Ok, so it's not practical, but we want one anyway.

Finally, completing every triumph will earn you the MMXX title which you can show off wherever you go.

Destiny 2: Moments of Triumph List of Tasks

Here's the full list of every triumph, and what completing them will earn you!

  • Complete 1 Triumph (2020 Emblem)
  • Complete all 5 raids (Raid ring and emblem)
  • Complete Leviathan raid (Shaders and Ghost shell)
  • Complete Spire of Stars (Shaders and Luxurious Toast emote)
  • Complete Crown of Sorrow (Shaders)
  • Complete Scourge of the Past (Shader)
  • Reach triumph score (Emblem code)
  • Reach a higher triumph score – Different (emblem code)
  • Complete 15 bounties
  • Complete 10 weekly challenges
  • Complete 20 strikes
  • Complete Ordeal Strikes
  • Reach Valor rank Legend and reset rank
  • Win 7 Trials Matches
  • Deposit motes and defeat enemies in Gambit
  • Complete 4 moon lost sectors
  • Defeat a final Altars of Sorrow boss
  • Complete Garden of Salvation raid
  • Complete Pity of Heresy dungeon
  • Complete the Prophecy dungeon
  • Get three Season of Arrivals exotics
  • Destroy 50 Riven eyes

There are often a handful of secret triumphs too, so be sure to keep an eye out!

It's quite refreshing to know that a decent amount of these Triumphs can be completed whichever activity you'd like to play. Someone like me, for example, can just kick back and play through Strikes and complete bounties, knowing I'm chipping away at it.

Good work, Bungie!