Destiny 2 Leaked Cutscene Reveals New Story Content Ahead of PS5 and Xbox Series X Update

Spoilers for Forsaken and Beyond!

Beyond Light has launched and kicked off the Season of the Hunt which has reintroduced Prince Uldren from the Forsaken expansion.

As part of an ongoing story, Uldren doesn't remember his past (where he was partially responsible for Cayde-6's death), but has been revived as a Guardian.

Now, a new datamined cutscene, uploaded via Nyxara on YouTube, has revealed the next steps in Uldren's journey.

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Destiny 2 Leaked Cutscene Reveals New Story Content

The video, dubbed "The Choice", can be seen below:

Here we see our Guardian approach Spider after defeating the High Celebrant, with the Eliksni crime lord offering we take our pick of the spoils from within his lair "as compensation" for their "heroics".

"I want him", the Guardian says, pointing to Uldren (currently living under the name Crow).

Spider reluctantly agrees to let his "little bird" fly away.

Outside, Uldren muses on his newfound freedom and asks our Guardian "why would you do this for us?"

"Because you're a Guardian", the player responds.

The short-term ramifications suggest that there's a good chance Uldren could be found in the Tower now.

Of course, that'll likely lead to some interesting questions and friction between him and the likes of Zavala and Ikora, as well as Petra Venj who had a hand in his initial downfall.

Longer-term, will we be teaming up with the former prince? Could he become the new Hunter Vanguard in Cayde's place?

Still, it's good to see Bungie returning to plot threads without leaving them hanging for years – exactly what we criticised the developer for in our Beyond Light review.

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