Destiny 2 Honeydew Error Code Explained

Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer is live now, and so is the return of the Destiny 2 honeydew error.

It’s a frequent occurrence when Bungie launches new content, but it’s still an annoying one all the same.

The Destiny 2 honeydew error prevents access to the servers, meaning you can’t complete activities or basically do much of anything else.

Bungie is aware of the situation and is actively working on fixing the issue, though it’s best to just plan on not playing Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer anytime soon.

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What is Destiny 2 Honeydew Error

The Destiny 2 honeydew error pops up when Bungie overrides access to specific activities or servers because they’re either making adjustments or fixing server problems. It’s nothing to do with your account or actions, and it typically happens when new content releases.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Honeydew Error

You can’t. You’ll just have to wait for Bungie to finish working on the backend issues that prompted them to block server access.

That might take a while in this case. The official Bungie help account acknowledged multiple issues on May 11, including chicken error codes and other serious issues, and pulled the servers offline for emergency maintenance.

Again, know that in this case, honeydew and chicken aren’t anything to do with your account.

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