Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost starting time and end date

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Destiny’s annual Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, will kick off with the next weekly reset. Eva Levante returns to the Tower bearing candy, masks, and more on Tuesday, October 6, at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

“Return to the Tower, grab some candy, and remind yourself what you’re fighting for,” Bungie says in a new event page on the developer’s website.


Festival of the Lost is a well-timed distraction; Destiny 2’s next major expansion’s set to launch next month on November 10.

Before players head to Europa and embark on a new adventure, the Halloween event offers a chance to earn a new exotic Ghost shell, an exotic sparrow, and a “mummified” exotic jumpship.

The event also presents “new Triumphs to unlock, new masks to wear, and more chances to get a perfect roll” for the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story auto rifles.

“The Haunted Forest is open once again, and this time, the Spider wants to bargain for your cooperation,” the studio writes.


“Meet with him, line your pockets with Cipher Decoders, and then race the clock within the dark corridors of the Haunted Forest. Keep your wits about you and there may be more than one treasure chest waiting for you at the end.”

The event runs until November 3.