Destiny 2 players have an increased chance at some raid exotics - here's how it'll work

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy wraps up tomorrow, but it's not too late for Bungie to take aim at another of the community's gripes - exotic drops, specifically in high-level content.

Fans have long bemoaned running raids to earn One Thousand Voices and Anarchy, two of the game's most sought-after exotics, dozens of times to be able to earn them, but Bungie is introducing a change to drop chances.

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The drop chances for both, as well as the exotic sparrow "Always on Time" are being buffed. Beginning at a 10% chance, each completion will increase the chances. Once you hit over 20 clears of the raid, your chances will be 50%.

This kicks off as of this week's reset, so tomorrow, June 9, and isn't retroactive - so don't worry about grinding raids before then.

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