Destiny 2 How To Get CloudStrike Sniper Rifle Exotic

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Beyond Light arrives for Destiny 2 players tomorrow, and we already know that it'll bring a number of new exotics.

One of those, Cloudstrike, could be an ideal "boss killer", with the sniper rifle seemingly able to tear through enemies


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Destiny 2 CloudStrike Guide

Check out the exotics trailer below:

As we see, CloudStrike summons a lightning bolt when killing an enemy with a precision final blow.


That sounds great, but we'd argue that sustained precision hits are going to be more useful – particularly for boss battles.

Constantly hitting precision hits creates a storm which looks like it'll do even more damage, potentially even a debuff.

Interestingly, sniper rifles did receive some changes as part of Beyond Light.

According to a Bungie blog post:


Sniper rifles will now have aim assist of varying degrees, depending on your scope.

A lower zoom scope will have less aim assist, while a higher zoom scope will offer more.

Let's hope that makes the rifle easier to handle.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light: How To Get CloudStrike

Now that the raid has been completed, speak to Variks and the Exo Stranger and complete the quests they offer.


You'll unlock Europa Explorer I and Europa Explorer II, types of missions called "Sabotages".

They're easy to complete, and will unlock the Weekly Empire Hunt playlist.

There are four levels: 1180, 1220, 1250 and 1280, but Cloudstrike is a randomly dropped reward regardless – so it may be worth your while playing the easiest version just so you can fly through it.

If you don't succeed, jump back in and try again.