Destiny 2 Augmented Triumph and Braytech Transponder Guide: How To Get It, What It Does, All Rewards Explained

Beyond Light is finally here, and as is customary, Bungie has added some bizarre new mechanics to the title.

The Braytech Transponder can net Guardians a high-level legendary item, but it's not particularly well explained.

Luckily, we're here to make it a little easier to understand.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Braytech Transponder Guide

The Braytech Transponder can be purchased once a week from Variks on Europa, and it'll set players back "50 Herealways Pieces".

"While Activated, this transponder attracts House of Salvation Techno squads hunting for golden age technology in the Europa Eclipsed Zone."

Once you have it, you'll receive a buff called "Braytech Signal" by heading to the Eclipsed Zone and killing House of Salvation Techno Squads.

Once you've killed the leader, you'll be able to pick up an item that gives your Guardian a buff with a title and a stack of 3.

So, for example, your Guardian could get the "Riis-Reborn Sector x3" buff, denoting where you should head to next.

DO NOT FAST TRAVEL – you'll lose the buff and have to start over again.

Head to the location listed and keep an eye out for the small scanner drones buzzing around, noting the order in which they glow.

Kill them in that same order, and activate control panels near each one, and you'll get a Rare item while completing all three will get the Legendary item.

For more, head to the Destiny Subreddit where u/Taux has put together a handy guide.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Augmented Triumph

While each encounter appears to be time-gated, killing the Techno Squads and interacting with the control panels to secure rewards appears to complete the Augmented Triumphs.

Once you've completed one of these encounters in the following locations, you'll earn the Augmented Obsession Triumph.

  • Bray Exoscience
  • Eternity
  • Creation
  • Riis-Reborn Approach
  • Technocrat's Iron
  • Kell's Rising
  • Nexus
  • Well of Infinitude
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