Beyond Light sparrow guide: How to get ‘Cryptomnesia,’ the new Europa-themed exotic vehicle in Destiny 2

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There’s a new icy-looking sparrow in Destiny 2, just in time for the frozen wastes of Europa, and you can get it weeks ahead of the new Beyond Light expansion.

It’s not exactly free, but you don’t have to do much to get ahold of it — as long as you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber. If you’ve already got an Amazon Prime account, head to the Prime Gaming page and link it with your Destiny profile.


From there, you can manually click on any available loot drops to claim them. Once claimed, these should be available from Amanda Holliday in the Tower next time you log in.

Periodic loot drops, including exotic cosmetic items, are a regular perk for Prime members. And, fortunately for Destiny players, Bungie’s MMO is a big part of the program.

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As Forbes contributor Paul Tassi points out, the sparrow’s name, “Cryptomnesia,” actually describes a real-world phenomenon.


The Oxford Dictionary of Psychology defines it as “an apparently creative or original idea that is in fact derived from a latent or subconscious memory.”

This might describe either the Exos of Destiny lore (like the late Cayde-6), reborn as machines in the “Deep Stone Crypt,” or Guardians in general, resurrected by the Ghosts with no memory of their past lives.

In addition to the Cryptomnesia sparrow, you can also grab a legendary “flare gun” emote, the exotic Peerless Precision Ghost shell, and Ada-1’s Lone Wolf, an exotic jumpship.

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