Deathloop State of Play Highlights Reprise Ability and More

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The Deathloop State of Play gave us a close look at what to expect from Arkane’s stylish shooter and how the time loop works.

When you die or fail to complete an objective in Deathloop, it’s back to the beginning - but all is not lost.


In fact, most of it isn’t lost at all.

You can absorb the energy left where your body fell to regain your weapons and abilities to stand a better chance at surviving the next round.

Speaking of surviving, you can also gain the Reprise ability that, upon dying, lets you rewind twice to try again before having to start the loop over again.

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Deathloop State of Play Highlights Reprise Ability and More

However, there is benefit to restarting a loop in Deathloop. Each time you reincarnate, you’ll learn something new about how the island works and the routines of the people you need to take out to break the cycle.

Yet there’s also merit in letting them live - if only for a little while. Overhearing conversations and following targets to their destinations can often give you vital new information or clues on how to approach a difficult problem.


That’s because Deathloop is mostly an open-ended game, with plenty of ways you can tackle a given situation depending on your abilities and what you know.

Deathloop releases September 14 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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