Deathloop: How to Get a ClassPass and Open Charlie's Security Door

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If you've scoured Charlie's game in the Updaam area of Deathloop, you may have come across a security door that can only be opened using a ClassPass. It's located underneath the main building, accessible from the side tunnels that loop around the back. You can only get a ClassPass from a particular place in Fristad Rock, and you'll need to be careful while carrying it. Here's how to get a ClassPass, and what's in Charlie's secret room.

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Deathloop: How to Get a ClassPass

To get a ClassPass, head to Fristad Rock in the morning. You can track Frank to his studio base, where you'll find ClassPass machines near the entrances. You'll need to equip one here, but don't need to enter if you don't want to.


With the ClassPass equipped, your slabs are nullified. This means that until you get to Charlie's secret room, you can't use abilities like Shift or Nexus. Leave Fristad Rock and go to Charlie's Security Room. The ClassPass will now open the door.


What's In Charlie's Secret Room?

The main item of interest in Charlie's Secret room is a note with Frank's Security Code on it. This allows you to shut down the system controlling the ClassPass at Frank's Studio. You will now be able to input it and your slabs won't be nullified, allowing you easy access to Frank. You can also remove your ClassPass in this room.

That's all you need to know about getting a ClassPass in Deathloop. We've got more guides on the game so why not check out our look at completing the Pact of Smoke. Elsewhere there's some tips on taking down Julianna.