This Western Digital Gaming SSD is now 39% OFF on Amazon UK!

Adding more storage to your computer can get complicated quickly, but thankfully Western Digital's WD_Black SN750 Gaming SSD is an easy way to add additional storage for your Steam library.

The sale on Amazon has the 500 GB model currently 39% OFF, while the 250 GB model is 34% OFF.

As usual, you can jump straight to the deal by hitting the button below, or feel free to stick around for our two cents on why we think this is one of the best deals of the week!

The WD_BLACK SN750 is NOW £43.98!

The sleek black design allows this drive to easily blend in with the other PC components in your system while adequately cooling this drive during heavy workloads!

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The Important Specs

  • 500GB Storage Capacity
  • PCIe Gen 3x4 Interface
  • Sleek Black Design
  • Read speeds of 3430 MB/s
  • Write speed of 2600 MB/s

What We Think

Many PC builders who want to increase their computers' storage without adding an external storage drive will use either an SSD or an HDD.

This SSD uses a unique slot called an M.2 slot; this slot can be found on the motherboard. Although some older generation and budget motherboards don't have this slot or those systems, an additional expansion card would be needed.

Installing this SSD is incredibly easy and simple; connect the interface end of the SSD and the M.2 slot and then screw it down with the included screw.

The high transfer speeds that this drive can offer are fantastic and far surpass traditional 2.5" and 3.5" drives.

Adding this SSD can lead games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla to have substantially faster loading times when starting up the game. This is due to the faster data transfer speed that this drive offers. These fast transfer speeds also makes this drive ideal for Adobe Premiere Pro and other video editing software applications.

The 500GB capacity and significantly faster speeds make this drive perfect for your computer's windows boot drive, as the faster speeds will help with loading times and start-up times, and the 500 GB capacity is large enough to store a large number of programs.

In addition to these fantastic specifications, this drive is currently 39% off on Amazon, making it an ideal time to buy if you're looking at upgrading your PC.

Don't forget to check back in for all the latest deals! We'll be back with you soon with more awesome offers.

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