The Samsung Galaxy Buds are $40 OFF! Dropping Its Price to $109.99!

Getting wireless earbuds that can be ideal for various scenarios, including a mobile gaming setup; luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is on sale at Amazon.

The price has been significantly dropped from $149.99 down to $109.99, saving you $40!

You can check out the deal right here or continue reading for what we think about the Galaxy earbuds.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is NOW $40 OFF!

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Brand: Samsung | Color: Black | Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Weight: 136g | Platforms: PC & Gaming Console | Battery Life: 11 hours per charge

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ offers a considerably long battery life, with eleven hours of nonstop music on a single charge.

While the included charging case offers an additional full charge to the earbuds, allowing for a total of 22 hours of playtime.

If you forget to charge these earbuds, don't worry as the case offers fast charging, which after just 3 minutes of charging will have a playtime of roughly an hour.

The long playtime and the noise isolation make these earbuds perfect for various scenarios, including gaming, working out, or just listening to music.

They are designed to fit in your ears to isolate you from any distracting noises and filter out some of the noises from the outside world, keeping your focus on the game or music.

Bottom Line

These wireless earbuds offer a black color scheme, 11 hours of playtime on a full charge, and excellent noise isolation to keep you immersed in your games or music.

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