Don't Miss Out! You Can Now Get This Wireless Astro Gaming Headset for £60 OFF!

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If you're looking for a new gaming headset, then Amazon UK has a good deal on the ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless headset that is worth checking out!

The price has been reduced from £279.24 down to £219.00, saving you £60.24!


You can head right to the deal here or continue reading to hear more about what we think about this fantastic deal!

Let's check it out!

The ASTRO Gaming A50 Gaming Headset is £60 OFF!


Brand: ASTRO | Colour: Black | Connectivity technology: Wireless | Weight: 380g | Platforms: PC & Gaming Console | Battery Life: 15 Hours

The ASTRO A50 gaming headset offers a black colour scheme and a wireless design, and this allows gamers to walk away from the TV or monitor and still hear their teammates with ease.

It utilizes a 2.4 GHz dongle which offers a stable connection and a 9-meter range, allowing you to walk and get a drink or a snack easily; in addition to the long-range, it has a 15 hours battery life making the longer gaming sessions not only a possibility but a reality!


It also features support for the PS4 and the PS5, so upgrading to the newest console won't require you to go out and get a new headset!

The flip-to-mute microphone design allows you to mute your microphone at a moment's notice while your eyes never leave the game.

Bottom Line

This gaming headset offers a wireless design and a long battery life, making it perfect for PC gamers who enjoy long gaming sessions and console players who want to sit on the couch and play!

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