Sonos Beam 2: Where To Buy, What's New, Deals And More

The last few weeks have been big ones for new tech releases, and with people looking to upgrade their audio, it's a little surprise they'll be on the hunt for the best Sonos Beam 2 deals.

The Beam 2 looks to take things to a new level for budget soundbars, but how exactly does it go about doing so? Well, we're here to help by telling you what's new, where to buy the Beam 2 and what to look out for!

Let's get to it!

Where To Buy Sonos Beam 2

The Beam Gen 2 is officially out now, meaning it's immediately available to purchase, but it should be noted that there's little chance of any deals cropping up at the moment.

We've listed some retailers below where you can find the Beam 2 and get your order in.


Sonos (UK)

Sonos (USA)


John Lewis

Best Buy

Should You Buy The Sonos Beam 2?

When deciding whether to buy the latest generation of one of the best budget soundbars, it's worth noting what new features are on offer.

Cosmetically, there doesn't look to be all too much difference between the original release and the Beam Gen 2, apart from the fact the grille on the front is now plastic, as opposed to fabric.

When you look into what's inside the Beam Gen 2 though, it becomes clearer as to why this new version, in our eyes, is worth a pickup.

Its headline inclusion of Dolby Atmos, like some standout home theatre speakers is a game-changer for budget soundbars and means the rest of the competition will have a lot to live up to.

There is a small caveat though - it's not proper Atmos as it were - the Beam Gen 2 makes use of the tech in a virtual manner so listeners perceive they're hearing upwards firing speakers.

The Atmos inclusion has meant that one port on the back has also been upgraded with the Beam Gen 2 featuring an HDMI eARC port as opposed to the older HDMI-ARC. If you do want to try out the Beam with lossless audio, then you'll need to find a TV with the corresponding eARC port.

Apart from this, there's not too much difference in the ports, and you won't be finding Bluetooth included in a Sonos soundbar with this release either.

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Sonos Beam 2 vs. Sonos Arc

With the Beam 2 including Dolby Atmos (albeit virtually) it does present an intriguing conundrum - should you go for the brand-new Beam or upgrade to the bigger and beefier Sonos Arc?


In all fairness, both the Beam 2 and the Arc are designed for different purposes and therefore offer some rather different design tropes.

The Beam is noticeably more compact than the Arc, with a width of 651mm in contrast to the Arc's 1140mm. This explains why the Arc is traditionally recommended for TVs that are 49 inches and up in size.

Otherwise, both grilles on the respective soundbars are plastic, and the Arc is also a little more cylindrical in shape. With colour options, it's the standard black and white for both soundbars.

Ports and connectivity

As the Beam 2 is a newer soundbar, it's little surprise that it is able to make use of newer tech through its eARC port. By comparison, the Arc is still utilising an HDMI ARC, as found on the original Beam, too.

Having an eARC port means that the Beam Gen 2 can handle more advanced audio formats and therefore deliver superior audio quality. For instance, it's possible to get lossless audio through an eARC port.

Other than that, both soundbars still offer support for smart assistants with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and you'll also find Sonos' traditional mainstay of WiFi connectivity as opposed to offering Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2 for Apple devices.

Dolby Atmos

It's on the performance side of things where things differ, especially on the side of Dolby Atmos.

Whilst both soundbars make use of Dolby Atmos, as the Arc is both a larger and higher-end bar, it's little surprise that it has the space to make use of up-firing speakers, a key part of how the Atmos experience is cultivated.

By contrast, the Beam 2 features virtual Dolby Atmos by using what Sonos has termed 'psychoacoustics' to offer a simulated experience.

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