NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard 64% Off On Amazon US

The NPET K10 gaming keyboard is a great bargain for anyone who wants an affordable keyboard with a host of features. And, it is now 64% off on Amazon US!

Gaming Keyboard Just $14.45 On Amazon US

The image shows the range of colors the backlight to the keyboard offers, as well as controls to change the brightness, breathing mode, and more.
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  • ABS Keycaps That Prevent Fading
  • 4 LED Backlight Modes With Other Adjustable Sliders
  • Angled Feet For Comfort
  • Water Resistant, Triple Protection Design

This keyboard is a great first keyboard for anyone looking for a keyboard that offers that distinct mechanical feel and has a range of customisable colours and patterns.

The angled feet will ensure that whilst you game or type, you are as comfortable as possible, avoiding hand cramps and stiffness. The extra feature of being water-resistant is also a huge plus, as drinks won't damage your keyboard.

The USB cable is also waterproof braided and more durable than traditional PVC cables.

The NPET K10 Keyboard will also automatically enter sleeping mode after not being used for 10 minutes and backlights will turn off, saving you power.

This isn't a true mechanical keyboard and it doesn't have some of the integrations and features you would see from something like a Steelseries keyboard. But, this is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a cheap and simple keyboard, especially at this discounted price.

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