Nintendo Switch N64 And SEGA Genesis Controllers: Pre-Orders, Where To Buy, Price, And More

It looks like Nintendo are throwing some nostalgia our way in the form of two new controllers designed to look like the classic N64 and SEGA Genesis models.

We're here to give you the rundown of everything you need to know, where to buy, price and more!

With that being said, let's check out this blast from the past!

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Where To Pre-Order Nintendo Switch N64 and SEGA Genesis Controllers

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Credit: Nintendo

You can pre-order the Nintendo Switch N64 and SEGA Genesis controllers directly from the Nintendo store.



Only the N64 version is currently available for pre-order in the UK

You'll want to hurry as pre-orders seem to be selling out fast.

How Much Will The Nintendo Switch N64 And SEGA Genesis Controllers Cost?

Both controllers will cost $49.99 in the US and the N64 will cost £39.99 in the UK.

It is worth noting, you will only be able to purchase these if you are signed in to your Nintendo account and is only available for Nintendo Switch Online members, plus, you're limited to a maximum of four per account.

Each controller also comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB A-C cable to charge it.

What Is The Nintendo Switch N64 And SEGA Genesis Controllers Release Date?

The controllers are both set to ship on 25 October in the US and the N64 version is set for a 26 October release in the UK.

Which Games Can You Play With The N64 And SEGA Genesis Controllers?

Each controller will be able to use enhanced versions of games released on their original consoles that are available on the Nintendo Switch Online library of games.

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