MSI 1440p 1ms Response Time 27 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor $90 Off On Amazon

1ms response time monitors are the crown jewels when it comes to competitive gaming, allowing you to perform at your peak and this MSI curved monitor is now discounted by 26% on Amazon.

MSI Curved Gaming Monitor $90 Off

The MSI gaming monitor is pictured with a neon dragon displayed on it.
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  • Curved 27 Inch Display With a 1440p Output
  • 1ms Response Time
  • AMD FreeSync Enabled
  • 165 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Thin, Frameless Design

This MSI gaming monitor is one of the best you can buy on a budget today. With 1 1440p output and 165 Hz refresh rate, you will be able to play most of the latest games at the highest framerate possible. This is the case whether you are on console or PC.

A number of games on Xbox Series X and PS5 allow you to play at 120 FPS, which this monitor is capable of outputting. This will mean that you are fully ready to succeed in the latest competitive multiplayer games.

Additional features like the enabling of AMD's FreeSync technology will help eliminate screen-tearing while you play on PC and alleviate stuttering, giving you the smoothest gaming experience possible.

The thin, frameless design also means that the monitor isn't too bulky, easily able to be transported around or altered to fit your own set-up.

This MSI curved gaming monitor is one of the best you can buy, especially with this discount. The only downside is its inability to a output 4K resolution, but if you are aiming for a high framerate in your games you can't go wrong here.

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