Is 32 GB Enough For A Laptop?

RAM is one of the most important components of a laptop, but is 32GB enough RAM?

Whether you’re seeking the best student laptop or a great laptop for working from home, it’s necessary to first plan out what specs you will need. This will likely depend on how you’ll be using your laptop.

So with that in mind, should you opt for 32GB of RAM?

Is 32GB enough memory for a laptop?

For almost every task you’d use a laptop for, 32GB of RAM should be enough. 32GB will ensure your new device isn’t hampered by slow speeds that come from exceeding your RAM capacity.

This is especially important for those using their laptops for the more processing-intensive tasks. For example, many of the top laptops for video editing or music production will utilise 32GB of RAM, as these tasks require some hefty processing power.

32GB isn’t the limit of laptops, however. Some of the most high-end laptops boast 64GB of RAM. 64GB allows for more heavy processing to continue simultaneously at high speeds.

Given the high costs of these laptops, however, it might be worth opting for less RAM than 64GB.

Is 32GB of RAM overkill?

While 32GB of RAM is a suitable amount of memory for video and photo editing, this may be unsuitable if you’re only really using your laptop for less demanding tasks.

Indeed, there’s no real definitive answer to how much RAM or storage your laptop should have. It all depends on the usage.

For example, when comparing Chromebooks and laptops, you’ll struggle to find many Chromebooks outside the Enterprise range featuring 32GB of RAM.

This is because for Chromebook users, choosing between 4GB and 8GB of RAM is the more important question. Most Chromebooks are designed for less demanding tasks, such as web browsing and word processing.

In terms of gaming, many of the best gaming laptops use 16GB of RAM, or 8GB as an absolute minimum. Most games will run smoothly at high settings on a 16GB GPU.

While 32GB may add some extra frames and pixels, you may want to weigh up whether the cost of opting for a 32GB laptop is worth it compared to a 16GB device.

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