iPhone 13: Where To Buy, Which iPhone Should You Get, Deals, And More

The iPhone 13 has officially been released so you can get it now! Pre-orders are done and dusted, but it's now possible to pick up the latest generation of iPhone.

We've got everything you need to know, including where to get it and which one you should go for.

So, whether you're looking for the dinky iPhone 13 Mini or you want to go all-out with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, we've got you covered.

Let's get to it!

Latest iPhone 13 Deals

Right now, any deals appear to be wrapped up with various phone plans, so it's worth checking with those familiar favourites.

For flat out discounts, we'll keep our ear to the ground in the coming months and let you know!

Where to Buy the iPhone 13



Carphone Warehouse

John Lewis

Best Buy


As well as checking out the retailers we've listed above, it's also worth looking at your phone contract provider to see if they've got anything going with regards to iPhone 13 deals, or if you're in line for an upgrade.

Which iPhone Should You Buy?

iPhone 13 Mini

The introduction of a mini iPhone was a surprise to most at last year's unveiling of the iPhone 12 and its siblings but does certainly provide a useful purpose if you're wanting an iPhone's power in a smaller chassis.

This is because it utilises the same internals as the bigger iPhone 13, including the duo of 12MP snappers for the camera which should prove handy when you're out and about.

That smaller size is also handy if you need to use the phone one-handed for texting or you want to whip it out for a quick photo.

Other than a smaller screen, there isn't too much difference between this and the slightly bigger iPhone 13.

iPhone 13

The standard iPhone 13 is arguably the best option for those wanting either an upgrade from their previous phone or to try out an iPhone for the first time.

It's usually the go-to all-round pick for most people and with key specs like an A15 chip inside and a dual 12MP camera setup, that's easy to see why. The wide camera within that setup captures 47% more light than before and there are also improvements to reveal more detail in lower light.

On all iPhone models, including this standard model, there's also a new mode within the camera entitled 'Cinematic Mode'. This allows you to increase the production value of your own shots with features including the ability to alter focus, shoot in Dolby Vision HDR and add clever depth effects.

You are of course also getting an assortment of colours available including Apple's own intriguing Starlight shade, as well as Midnight, Pink, Blue and Red, which are sure to look stylish.

iPhone 13 Pro

To get some real noticeable differences in performance and if you're someone who values the extra creature comforts of higher-end phones, the iPhone 13 Pro will be perfect.

Whilst the display size may be the same as the standard iPhone 13 at 6.1 inches, that's one of the only similarities between the two models. In terms of cosmetics, you'll find stainless steel side pieces and frosted glass backs for instance.

You're also getting an uprated display with the Pro also offering a 120Hz panel with ProMotion technology that can automatically adapt the refresh rate to suit the content being displayed.

Under the hood, the Pro offers a little bit more in terms of performance with an extra GPU core being handy for if you're playing games.

There's also a difference in storage sizes too, with the iPhone 13 Pro also being available with a 1TB storage option alongside the usual 128, 256 and 512GB options available on the standard model.

The largest changes though appear with the camera as the Pro offers a revamped ultrawide camera that can also take properly close-up shots as well as a LiDAR scanner for silkier night-time photography. The snappers here also have 3x optical zoom, which can be rather handy.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

For the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the only difference between this and the standard Pro is a much bigger screen with a 6.7 inch panel as opposed to 6.1, and there's also a higher capacity battery.

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