Halloween Games: The best Horror Games for PS4, Xbox and PC

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The day is nearly here, and if you're looking for the best game to get stuck into this Halloween, we've got your covered right here with our top horror picks!

Let's take a look at some of the titles that will certainly deliver the scares!



Table of Contents

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a bit of classic when it comes to horror games, and boy is this a bit of a heart pounder.

We won't give too much away about the gripping story, but let's just say that 'someone' has a bone to pick with a group of friends, and you get to experience all of their dealings with said person.

Until Dawn

OPTION 3, CRY: Play your way, and try to survive!

Full of incredibly tense quick-time events, that are honestly edge of your seat terrifying, this game is like stepping into a homage to all the iconic horror movies.


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Resident Evil 2 Remake

The remake of a huge fan favorite, Resident Evil 2 went down an absolute storm, and with good reason.

It's super scary, and action-packed too.

Resident Evil 2

I TOLD YOU WE'RE CLOSED! Business hours don't apply to the undead

One of the highlights of this game is that you are relentlessly pursued by some terrifying characters. Some of which just love to menacingly wander over your way...and wipe you from the face of the planet.


You'll have to use your cunning. and weapons to keep them at bay.

If you can stay calm playing this, then we salute you, soldier!

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Alien: Isolation

This game is one of the scariest experiences out there, and also one of the best!

You're not getting some invincible hockey-masked goliath running around with a machete, but what you are getting is an Alien who is an expert at finding out exactly where you are.

This has scares coming out of everywhere...the ventilation shafts especially in this case.

Alien: Isolation

TIME TO RUN: If you see this, it may be too late.

You'll have to hide, dart to cover, and also avoid other terrifying beings, such as not-so-friendly androids...who are super creepy, trust us.

Graphics are amazing, and we'd say it's probably the most successful rendering of what makes the Alien franchise so incredible.

Highly recommend...just stay calm!

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This game is as gruesome as it is tense. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, as some of the scenes in this really stick with you, but the pay-off is worth it.


We won't give much away here, but the game is played in first person as you step into a seriously horrendous house of horror, with some dastardly characters running the show.

Halloween Games

DON'T MIND ME! Just slowly back away...

Similar to Alien: Isolation you'll find yourself trying to evade a whole manner of unpleasant individuals, so things get very tense, very quickly.

Don't play around anyone who's squeamish, but do give it a go if you're looking for a serious thrill-ride of a game.

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The Evil Within 2

Out of all these Halloween games, The Evil Within 2 sort of feels like Resident Evil, so it's great for players familiar with the style of game.


What's brilliant about it though is that it combine all the tropes of horror games - chases, hiding, gore and so on, but throws in some heavily stylised moments, almost akin to the Hannibal TV Series.

And not to mention, the action is pretty brutal...and satisfying.

Halloween Games

WHOOPS! You can use stealth in this game too, and play it in 1st person if you wish

It has some truly creepy moments and is very cinematic - making it a full-on experience not to be missed.

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The Last of Us: Part 2

Controversial! It may have seemingly split opinion, but you cannot deny that this is one scary game.


Without ruining the experience, one enemy, in particular, enjoys quietly pursuing you, and then, confidently wandering over when you have your back turned.

Even the human encounters are combined with some jumpy moments when they spot you, and the music creates an incredibly tense atmosphere.

Halloween Games

HEARD YOU! Don't make a sound if you want to avoid the Clickers!

We've had some heart-stopping moments in this game, most of them completely unscripted, which is what makes them so memorable.

Play this on the big screen with the volume up for maximum immersion!

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So there you have it, our top picks for games to play this Halloween! There will surely be a ton that would also be worthy of our list, so make sure to explore what's out there!

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