DEAL OF THE DAY: Save £50 on this Massive WD_BLACK External Hard Drive for console and PC!

With all the exciting patches and new seasons floating around, making sure you've got enough space is more important than ever! Let's face one likes running out of space, especially when it can delay you getting into the action!

WD have some amazing deals currently running on Amazon, but this one is our pick of the bunch.

Here's everything you need to know for our deal of the day!

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WD_Black 8TB Game Drive (Was: £199.99, Now £149.99) 

You can now save a cool £50 if you choose to upgrade your storage for either console or PC.

Let's take a closer look at this useful (and stylish) external hard drive.

Hard Drive
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SOLID: This durable hard drive packs some premium features

See it on Amazon: WD_BLACK D10 8TB Game Drive on Amazon (£149.99)

Key Specs

  • 8TB
  • Console or PC compatible
  • Speed up to 250 MB/s rated at 7200rpm
  • Active cooling technology
  • Two 7.5W USB Type-A charging ports

Our Take 

Getting an external hard drive may not be quite as thrilling as getting a new monitor or headset, but as we've seen, expanding your storage capabilities is becoming more and more important nowadays.

For next-gen, keeping the internal storage as free as possible for next-gen titles is a good move, while for current-gen consoles, using an HDD can also give you some extra breathing room - especially around new season releases for some of the most popular games.

This 8TB hard drive may seem almost a little like over-kill, but remember, it's not just games you can store on this. If you're camera happy in-game, then this is also a great way to store some of your photos, without them taking up space for new titles.

It also comes with two USB Type-A charging ports, so you can charge a couple of other devices while it's in use.

Buying a hard drive is more of a one-off purchase that's meant to last for a significantly long time. And thanks to the durable build and whopping 8TB of space, this awesome hard drive should be with you for some time to come!

Click here to buy: WD_BLACK D10 8TB Game Drive on Amazon (£149.99)

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