DEAL ALERT: Trust GXT 430 Gaming Headset is 40% OFF at Amazon UK!

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The Trust GXT 430 gaming headset offers some fantastic features, including cross-compatibility with all major consoles ranging from PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This headset is currently on sale at Amazon for 40% off, dropping the price to £26.99!


Check out this headset with the link below, or continue reading to hear more about it!

The Trust GXT 430 gaming headset is NOW £26.99!

This headset features an incredibly comfortable design with an adjustable headband and a flexible microphone that allows you to easily and efficiently communicate with your teammates.


This design allows for any headset discomfort to easily be an issue of the past due to the padded cushion on each ear cup and the adjustable headband.

This headset offers good performance thanks to its 50mm drivers and volume control/microphone mute options. These drivers provide good sounding bass and easily hear your music without distortion.


What We Think

The headset has some amazing features that can offer gamers better immersion and even a better reaction time because they easily hear their enemies' footsteps.

In addition to these features, this headset has a minimalistic design showcased in the simple black and grey colour scheme. This colour scheme allows it to fit into a home office or a gaming setup with ease!

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Bottom Line

The Trust GXT430 Gaming headset is currently on sale for the next two days, and this sale drops the price from £44.99 to £26.99, which is 40% off!

The lowered price, the minimalistic design and the powerful sound that it can provide all make this headset a perfect choice for anyone looking to get a quality headset at a discounted rate!