Cello 32 Inch 1080p 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Discount By £60 On Amazon UK

Cheap gaming monitors that still allow you to perform at your peak are tough to come by, but this Cello 32 inch 144 Hz gaming monitor is now £60 off on Amazon UK.

144 Hz Gaming Monitor 26% Off

  • 1080p Resolution
  • 144 Hz Refresh Rate With An 8 Millisecond Response Time
  • 32 Inch Display
  • Flicker Free Display To Reduce Eye Strain

This Cello monitor is by far not the best piece of technology on the market today, however, it does make a great first monitor for someone who is looking to get into competitive gaming.

Combining the 1080p resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate, you will be able to perform at your peak thanks tot he quick response time of the monitor, meaning you are set for the latest competitive multiplayer games on both console and PC.

The inclusion of the Flicker Free feature, regulates brightness to help with eye strain and headaches, meaning that you will also remain comfortable whilst playing for longer sessions.

So, whilst definitely not a powerhouse, it is a great choice for PC players and last-generation console owners. Even those with a PS5 and Xbox Series X can get some benefits from this monitor if 120 FPS games are being played, or you are using features like FPS Boost.

If you are looking for a great first monitor for your teenager or for yourself, this is a solid first choice.

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