Best Wireless Charger 2021: Our Top Picks For November

If you're looking for the best wireless charger, you're in the right place.

Wireless chargers are brilliant for those who don't want to keep plugging in and unplugging their devices, and nowadays there are plenty to choose from, all with different finishes, features, and power output depending on what you're going for.

We've selected what we think are some of the best out there, based on specs, reviews, and any other features which thought made them a cut above the rest, so you can kickstart your search in the best way.

So whether you're going for a brilliant all-rounder with the Native Union Drop or you're wanting something for your cracking iPhone with the Apple MagSafe, we've got you covered right here, plus our guide to finding the best one for you.

Best Wireless Charger

Best Wireless Charger All-Rounder - Native Union Drop

best wireless chargers, product image of a black charging pad
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Image Credit: Native Union

Brand: Native Union | Wattage: 7.5 Watts | Connector Type: USB

You've probably caught a glimpse of Native Union products in many of the setup videos out there, and we're not surprised they're one of the go-to's for many people who appreciate both function and design in their choice of workplace accessories.

This Native Union wireless charger is one of the many variations available, but arguably the best for most people who need something to charge a single device.

We'd say this is a great all round choice that wins when it comes to the little details. The top of the pad itself has some non-slip rubber lines which should hold your phone nicely, plus they also raise your device up, meaning less heat build up too.

It's also got a 6ft long USB cable, so you've got some flexibility in how you'd like to set this up. This should come in handy if you plan on hiding the wire behind the back of a sofa or bed for instance.

It supports iPhone fast charging up to 7.5W and works with Qi-enabled devices up to 10W, and you'll be able to charge other non-phone compatible items like the Apple AirPods Pro too.

All in all, this Native Union Wireless Charger is a sleek charging solution well worth considering.

Best Wireless Charger Apple - Apple MagSafe Charger

best wireless charger, product image of a white charging pad
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Image Credit: Apple

Brand: Apple | Wattage: 15 Watts | Connector Type: USB-C (additional wall plug sold separately)

If you do happen to have an iPhone, then chances are the Apple MagSafe will be the best option for you.

This particular charging pad offers 15W of power, which should plenty for most people, and connects via USB-C, which is certainly handy.

However, it's worth noting that as you don't get a wall plug with the iPhone these days, that Apple advises you to purchase the 20W USB-C wall plug to go with the MagSafe charger which then provides you with a lot of charging power indeed.

The Apple MagSafe is also a Qi charging pad too, so it doesn't have to just be used with Apple devices. Some of the best Android phones will charge via Qi and therefore this wireless charger has a wider use than first anticipated.

Its magnet looks to be pretty strong and the overall minimalistic design of the wireless charger itself is classic Apple.

Best Wireless Charger Budget - Belkin BoostCharge

best wireless charger Belkin product image of a black charging pad, with wire.
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Image Credit: Belkin

Brand: Belkin | Wattage: 10 Watts | Connector Type: USB

Belkin is another strong brand for everything charging, especially if you want to stick to a budget, but still get good quality.

As far as wireless chargers go, you really can't go wrong with the Belkin BoostCharge.

The design is actually quite minimal, with three rubber lines acting as non-slip surface which again reduce heat buildup.

There's also a slightly matt finish which makes it look more premium than you'd expect.

We'd say the 10W charging output is more than enough for most people, and the added feature of a small LED light that indicates when your phone is aligned is a helpful touch.

Reliable, great looking, with a very affordable price tag.

Best Standup Wireless Charger - Anker PowerWave Stand

best wireless chargers Anker, product image of black anker charger for upright positioned phones
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Image Credit: Anker

Brand: Anker | Wattage: 10 Watts | Connector Type: USB

Anker is another big brand that makes a number of different products at relatively accessible price points. They've already made our list of the best Bluetooth speakers and now they're here, thanks to their standup wireless charger, the PowerWave Stand.

These upright chargers are unbelievably convenient when working, especially if much of your job role depends on having quick access to your phone messages and notifications.

And if you've ever tried to fashion some kind of stand (and failed like we have) when making video calls or watching content on your phone, this should come in very handy indeed.

The PowerWave is a cracking option to consider, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck and looks pretty good too.

Best Large Wireless Charger - Native Union Drop XL (Watch Edition)

best wireless chargers Native Union, product image of a wireless charging pad with smart watch charger attatched.
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Image Credit: Native Union

Brand: Native Union | Wattage: 10 Watts | Connector Type: USB

If you're one of the people who has an Instagram worthy everyday carry, then you'll likely have a phone, wireless earbuds, and a smartwatch.

Wireless chargers like this Native Union Drop XL make for the best solution for this type of loadout in our eyes, as they provide both an elegant charging station for all your devices, but also act as a 'memory sign-post' for them too.

So instead of searching your home far and wide, you'll know that this is where your devices 'live'...which we think is a real stress-saver!

If you've got the budget, then the Native Union Drop XL is well worth checking out in our opinion.

Best Multi-Purpose Wireless Charger - Orbitkey Nest

Best wireless chargers Orbit Key, product image of a black case with indent on the top with leather finish. Textured material on the bottom half.
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Image Credit: Orbit Key

Brand: Orbitkey | Wattage: 10 Watts | Connector Type: USB

Orbitkey is perhaps best known for their key organisers, but since then they've branched out into other accessories, such as this Orbitkey Nest.

You wouldn't think it, but this is actually a wireless charger that serves as a catch-all and can store stationery, SSDs, and more inside its compartment.

On the inside, it's foam padded to keep your belongings safe when on the move, and also features customisable dividers so you can adapt it to fit your own items.

Again, it's featured heavily on many setup videos online and praised for its functionality and slick design, and we like it also for those reasons.

Granted there are less expensive ways to charge your devices, and arguably there are other pads that can charge a wider range of products, but for a unique take on a wireless charger, we'd say the Orbitkey Nest fits the bill nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Chargers

What does Qi mean with wireless chargers?

Qi, pronounced 'chee', is the wireless charging standard which most phone manufacturers work to.

So when you see that a product listing reads 'works with Qi-compatible devices', they're basically saying that it'll work with phones which have been made to this standard.

How many Watts is good for a wireless charger?

Some phones are limited to the amount of power they can use from a device, but generally speaking for newer models you'll want to go for something at 7.5 Watts and above.

Many products on the list come in at around 10W, which is certainly good for a wireless charger.

Are wireless chargers better than wired chargers?

We hate to say it but generally speaking, in terms of efficiency and speed, they do come up short compared to their wired counterparts.

There are a few reasons behind this, but in all honesty, the benefits of having a wireless charger are more to do with the convenience of not having to plug in/out constantly, being able to keep the charge while using it, and even reducing the number of cables visible in your setups.

We'd say for a happy medium, have a great wired charger on hand if you need to charge super fast, and then use the wireless chargers set up in the main areas of your hom, such as in your office, alongside one of the best smart light setups, too.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe was developed by Apple and is basically a wireless charger that 'snaps on' to select Apple phones.

Its main selling points are that it charged very quickly and you don't remove it from the small pad when you want to look at your phone since it stays put.

MagSafe is available on some of the best iPhones, so check them out!

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