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The Best Racing Wheel For F1 2021: Sim Racing Wheels For Beginners and Pros

F1 2021 has some stellar reviews, so if you're looking to experience the game to the fullest you'll need to find the best racing wheel possible.

We asked our friends at racinggames.gg, who live and breathe racing games, to give us their ultimate recommendations and why you should go for them.

Now, of course, if you're looking for the absolute best, you should be prepared to splash the cash, but there are some amazing wheels that not only come in at a more accessible price range but appear to go on sale quite often too.


So if you're just starting out and want a handy wallet-friendly option in the Thrustmaster T150, or you're a seasoned pro and want to check out an incredible direct-drive base in the Simucube 2 Ultimate, we've got you covered right here with our top picks.

Let's get started!

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Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021


Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 Under 200 - Thrustmaster TMX (Xbox)

Best Racing Wheels for F1 2021 Thrustmaster
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ENTRY LEVEL - Affordable & High Performance

The Thrustmaster TMX is a quality piece of gear, especially for the price, that would be great for anyone stepping into the sim racing scene.


The folks at racinggames.gg said that it's, 'amazing force feedback for the price. It's durable and versatile and suits practically any racing game'.

What's best, is that this wheel supports upgrades to the pedals as well as for a shifter, which lets you grow as a racer without investing in a new wheel for a very long time.

A solid choice, and for the price, you really can't go wrong here.

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 Under £250 - Thrustmaster T150 (PS)

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 Thrustmaster PS4
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VERSATILE - This wheel boasts some impressive compatibility

The equivalent racing wheel to the previous entry, but for PlayStation users.


This boasts up to 1080 degree wheel rotation, which is great for both F1 2021 and other racing games, and also packs a high level of compatibility with accessories, such as gear shifters.

Force feedback is here too - perfect for getting immersed in the action.

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 Under £400 - Logitech G923 (PS/Xbox)

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 logitech racing wheel
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THE ALL-ROUNDER - This wheel ticks all the right boxes

Probably one of the best-looking racing wheels around, the latest Logitech offering is a solid mid-range option for those who are serious about racing.


Racinggames.gg loved this wheel, citing its 'smooth play with huge amounts of functionality.'

But the praise didn't stop there! One of the standout features of this wheel comes with its TRUEFORCE technology, allowing players to feel every bump and 'get more from the car than any other wheel in this price range.

From the sounds of it, if you're after something that'll tick all the boxes and then some...this could be the wheel for you.

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 Premium - Thrustmaster TS-XW Wheel Base / TLCM Pedals

Best Racing wheel 2021 ts-xw racer wheel base
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NEXT-LEVEL - Competitive racers take note

Thurstmaster pedals
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ALL-IN - Premium quality and performance

If you want to take your racing to a more competitive level, then the Thrustmaster TS-XW wheelbase paired with TLCM pedals is a potent combination according to the racing game experts...


They say that the powerful motor offers more feedback than the previous wheels and thanks to the wheel rims being detachable from the base you can actually specialise with a GT style rim or a formula-style wheel.

When it comes to the 'Loadcell' pedals, you'll find that they offer much more realism and feel than previous setups too.

A serious set for more serious gamers, but still not quite as expensive as the next two powerhouses on our list...



Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 Sim Racing - Fanatec CSL Elite (PS/Xbox)

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 fanantec set
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FAN-TASTIC - The ultimate set for sim racers

In the words of the folks over at racinggames.gg...'Now we're getting serious.'


The CSL Elite bundle gets you a wheel base, the Formula wheel, and two-pedal base.

This is ideal if you are focusing your time on F1 games and other formula racers. The CSL Elite offers amazing force feedback and a precise feel through the pedals, which are fully aluminium and offer next-level stability.

You will need to get Fanatec's CSL Elite table clamp with it too if you don't have a playseat setup or rig, but if you're going for this impressive kit then we'd imagine you're going all in!

Best Racing Wheel Base for F1 2021 Competitive Sim Racing - Simucube 2 Ultimate

Best Racing Wheel for F1 2021 simucube racing wheel base
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ULTIMATE - This understated device is the pinnacle of sim racing

If you're a professional sim racer, then this is the one for you.


Direct drive is the pinnacle of sim racing. The motor system offers the purest, fastest, and most realistic level of feedback out there.

However, this is just for the base, as the wheel rim and pedals are all sold separately.

The Simucube 2 Ultimate offers a ridiculous 32Nm of torque and will require a fully rigid and fiercely strong rig to use. It's for the elite of the elite. But we all have to aspire to something, right?

So there you have it, the best racing wheels for F1 2021! The big takeaway is that whether you're dipping your toe into sim racing or you're a seasoned pro, there is something for everyone.

We've focussed on wheels we think will be great with F1 2021, but if you're after a wider selection, head on over to our top racing wheel picks for PC and console, where you'll find a number of versatile options for your racing needs.