Best PC Case 2021: ATX, RGB and More!

Ensuring you get the PC case for your gaming setup can be tough, as buyers often have to look through a large number of technical specifications.

These specifications are to ensure that your PC components can fit within this case without limiting the airflow of the case. 

One important specification to remember is the PC case size, there are three main PC case sizes including ATX, mATX, and Mini-ITX.

These sizes relate to the overall case, with ATX being the largest and Mini-ITX being the smallest. What size you pick is up to you, but bigger isn't necessarily better, according to our friends at Stealth Optional.

The second important specification to remember is the compatibility of the internal components, including the maximum graphics card length, maximum power supply length, how many fan mounting locations the case features, and finally, how many storage mounting locations the case offers. 

So, whether you're looking for a case that allows for high airflow with the Corsair 275R Airflow, or you want the intriguing design of the Vetroo K2 Mesh, we've got you covered right here,

Let's get to it!

Best PC Case 2021

Best Open Frame PC Case - Thermaltake Core P3 ATX

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The Black color scheme is throughout the metal casing and continued through the tempered glass side panel.

The P3 PC case can support up to an ATX motherboard and can be either placed vertical or horizontal. If you wanted to mount this case to the wall for the ultimate space-saving design. 

It can support a liquid cooling loop, so overclockers and PC enthusiasts can utilize this PC case. 

Best PC Case - Corsair Carbide Series 100R Silent Edition

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This case may not feature any RGB lighting or tempered glass side panels, but it does feature sound-dampening side panels which reduce the overall noise that is able to permeate through. 

The solid metal design ensures that even heavier components will be easily supported, allowing for powerful PCs to be built inside this case! 

It features no RGB lighting but does come with 120 mm fans pre-installed into the case. 

Best PC Case Design - NZXT H510

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Many PC builders use this case due to the unique design, and the ability to show off the internal components. 

It is built to be Water-Cooling ready, this allows PC builders looking to use a custom water cooling loop to use this case easily and efficiently. 

The Front IO features a USB Type-C port and a USB 3.0 port allowing for high connectivity with USB hubs and other USB Type-C devices. 

Best PC Case High Airflow - Corsair 275R Airflow

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The slatted front panel design allows for ample airflow throughout the case, which is powered by three included 120 mm case fans. 

While this case comes with three 120 mm fans, it offers up to six 120 mm fan mounting locations and support for radiators up to 360 mm in size. 

It comes with a tempered glass side panel which allows for easy viewing of all installed components. 

Best Large PC Case - MUSETEX PC case

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Many are looking for deals in the PC case market, one of the best deals in the PC case market is the MUSETEX PC case which offers not only six 120 mm fans but also a unique front panel. 

The six 120 mm fans offer a large amount of RGB lighting which can be controlled through nearly any motherboard's RGB lighting software. 

It features a mesh front panel to offer a higher amount of airflow to the internal components. 

Best Mini-ITX PC Case - InWin A1 Plus

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Having a small form factor case allows for easy placement, and since it comes with a 650-watt power supply, buying a special power supply to fit isn't needed. 

The included 650-watt power supply features integrated RGB lighting on the bottom of the case and a Qi Wireless Phone charger.

For cooling, it comes with two Sirius loop ASL120 fans, which fit with the matte black colour scheme while allowing good airflow to the internal components. 

Best PC Case Unique and Compact Design - Vetroo K2 Mesh

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This case looks incredibly unique compared to other PC cases, the main difference between this case and other PC cases. 

The Vetroo K2 Mesh features a tubular design and comes with a 200 mm RGB fan, pushing a large amount of airflow throughout the case. 

It can support a CPU cooler height of 165 mm, a GPU length of 320 mm, and a power supply length of 200 mm. 

If you're looking for more cases that fit on your desk, check out the Best Small Form Factor PC cases by our friends at Stealth Optional.

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