Best Monitor Arms, Stands and Mounts: Top picks to upgrade your setup

For gaming and working from home, monitor arms and stands are an amazing way to transform your setup and when it comes to finding the best, we've got you covered right here.

Not only do these pieces of equipment make your monitors look great, but they can help to mitigate some of the posture-related issues which can be caused by incorrect screen alignment.  

There are a few things you'll want to look out for, alongside some variations which may suit your needs more than others.

You'll find that some monitor arms are 'gas-powered', which basically means they'll transition and adjust more smoothly. This is good for peace of mind, especially if you find yourself constantly adjusting your setup.

Mounting options essentially come down to either desk mounted via a clamp or wall-mounted, which requires some drilling. Wall mounts free up desk space, but it's really more about personal preference here. 

And finally, consider what the maximum load of the monitor stand is. It may seem obvious, but again, when it comes to peace of mind it's good to see a product which can take a lot of weight. Being overly cautious with this is never a bad idea if you ask us.

Keep reading for our top picks, and of course, we've highlighted some of the best deals too.

Best Monitor Arms, Stands and Mounts

Best Monitor Arm USB 2.0 Hub: ARCTIC Z1 (Gen3) Desk Mounted Single Monitor Arm (£42.80)

ARCTIC Z1 (Gen 3)
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CONNECT: This monitor stand comes with some added extras!

The ARCTIC Z1 (Gen 3) Desk Mounted Monitor Arm may reclaim some of the space on your desk while being able to support up to a 38" monitor.

It allows users to quickly orientate their screen to allow for the best viewing angles!

This monitor arm features a USB 2.0 hub at the bottom that allows for easy connectivity for various devices, including a keyboard and mouse.

Click here to buy:Arctic Z1 (Gen 3) Desk Mount Single Monitor Arm (£42.80) 

Best Monitor Stand: BONTEC Wood Monitor Stand (Was: £26.99, Now: £19.99)

Best Monitor arms stands and mounts
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OUT-STAND-ING: A quick and multifunctional solution

As far a monitor stands go, this one from Bontec does the job and then some.

It has loads of awesome features, such as a phone holder, a cable holder to bring some order to the wire chaos and a space-saving keyboard slide underneath.

It also boasts a whopping 30kg maximum weight capacity, so you can rest assured that your treasured monitor is safe and sound.

An affordable way to optimise your setup for work or gaming!

Click here to buy: Bontec Wood monitor stand on Amazon (£19.99)

Best Single Monitor Arm: Invision PC Monitor Arm (Was: £55.99, Now: £26.01)

Best Monitor Arms, Mounts and Stands
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BUILT TO LAST: Durability and style in one!

This Invision monitor arm is a great go-to choice both for price, durability and looks.

Made to fit screens between 17 to 27 inches and highly adjustable, this monitor stand boasts a max weight of 6.5kg so you can mount your display with confidence.

Thanks to its impressive die-cast alloy frame and steel ring compression swivel fittings, you're getting a tough piece of equipment here that should last you a long time!

Click here to buy: Invision PC Monitor Arm on Amazon (£26.01)

Best Dual Monitor Arm Under 50: HUANUO 13"-27" Dual Monitor Mount (Was: £36.99, Now: £19.99)

Best Monitor Arms, Mounts and Stands
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DUAL WIELDING: A great choice for gaming or work!

The HUANUO VESA mount is great if you've got a two-monitor setup and is also highly adjustable depending on your needs.

Fitting monitors from 13 to 27 inches and with plates that are able to swivel 360 degrees, this monitor stand packs some impressive versatility. 

It has a max weight of 8kg per arm, and as far as monitor arms go is fairly inconspicuous thanks to its streamlined design.

A good call, especially for the price if you ask us.

Click here to buy: HUANUO 13"-27" Dual Monitor Mount on Amazon (£19.99)

Best Triple Monitor Stand: Duronic Monitor Arm Stand DM453 (£74.99)

Best Triple monitor stand
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TRIPLE POINTS: WIn big with this impressive stand

If you've got three monitors, you'll need a stand like this but you'll also need one which is going to hold up the weight of your displays.

Thankfully this Duronic Monitor arm stand can hold up to 8kg on each mount, which is more than enough for most monitors within the 15 to 27-inch size range.

Clamping easily to your desk, this should be a complete game changer when it comes to freeing up space, and with the added ability to swivel 180 degrees, it's a great choice for both working and gaming alike.

Click here to buy: Duronic Monitor Arm Stand DM453 on Amazon (£74.99)

Best Single Monitor Arm Wall Mounted: Invision MX250 (Was: £34.99, Now: £32.99)

Best Monitor arms stands and mounts
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MOUNT UP! Attach this to your wall for maximum desk space

Wall-mounted monitor arms are a great choice if you really want to clear some desk space and don't mind doing some DIY.

They also come in handy when the material of your desk would be damaged if a monitor stand was clamped onto it, for example with glass tables.

This Invision MX250 wall bracket fits displays of 17 to 27 inches and comes with all the adjustability you'd come to expect. 

It can hold up to 7kg and has a gas arm, which allows for smooth transitions between setups.

Again, for the price, it's a great deal.

Click here to buy: Invision MX250 Amazon (£32.99)

Best Quad Monitor Stand: Duronic DM554 (£119.99)

Best Monitor arms stands and mounts
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ULTIMATE: Go all in with this multi-monitor setup

Quad monitor arm stands like this Duronic DM554 are serious business, and the price tag reflects this.

This model is compatible with VESA monitors and has four extended arms with three joints that can swivel 180 degrees, allowing for a completely custom setup which best suits your viewing angles.

Easy to install via the desk clamp and features a strong, lightweight aluminium build with an impressive max weight of 7.8kg.

Click here to buy: Duronic Quad Monitor Arm Stand DM554 on Amazon (£119.99)

Best Adjustable Dual Monitor Mount: Fleximounts stacking monitor mount (£79.99)

Best Monitor arms, stands and mounts
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STACKED IN YOUR FAVOUR: Adjust to suit your needs

If you're interested in both adjustability and the option to stack your monitors, then this one from Fleximounts could be your thing. 

It fits 10 - 27 inch VESA monitors with a max weight of 5kg per display and comes with a 'gas spring hovering system', which allows for effortless adjustment.

For sheer versatility, this monitor arm could be a welcome addition to anyone's home setup.

Click here to buy: FLEXIMOUNTS stacking monitor Vertical Dual Monitor Mount on Amazon (£79.99)

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