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Best Hard Drive for PC 2021: Our Top Picks for Internal and External Storage

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Storing a Steam Library can require a large amount of storage capacity, especially if you have a huge game collection, which means that finding the best hard drive you can get is crucial.


There are four main specifications to look for in a hard drive, these four specifications are fairly easy to spot on nearly every hard drive store listing. These four specifications are size, storage and speed. 

Size: There are two main sizes either 2.5" or 3.5". The 3.5" size is commonly used in desktops while the 2.5" size is more commonly used in laptops. 

Storage: The listed storage capacity shows how much data can be stored on the hard drive, a 2 TB hard drive can store twice as much as a 1 TB hard drive. 

Speed: This specification shows how fast the magnetic disk spins inside the hard drive. A 7,200 RPM hard drive spins much faster when compared to a 5,000 RPM hard drive.

At the time of writing, The WD 2TB Elements Portable External hard drive is the best deal as the discount makes the drive over half off!

We've got our top picks for the best hard drives right here, but if you're after some powerful SSDs, then head on over to the folks at Stealth Optional, who break down their best NVMe SSDs available right now!

Best Hard Drives 2021


Best Internal Hard Drive For Laptops High Capacity: Seagate BarraCuda 5TB Internal Hard Drive HDD (£144.01 / $190.00)

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Perfect for a laptop: Massive Storage in a smaller form factor


Upgrading your laptop's storage is something that many users only want to do once. Using this hard drive, many won't need to upgrade again for a considerable amount of time! 

Offering a large capacity of 5 TB, which can store a massive amount of data while still having rapid transfer speeds thanks to the SATA connection. 

It comes with a two-year limited warranty to ensure buyers that the drive won't fail for a while after being installed!

Best External Hard Drive Deal: WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive (£55.00 /$62.99)

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DEAL: High storage at a lowered cost!


This external hard drive is currently on sale at Amazon and features a capacity of 2TB while being incredibly portable.

This hard drive is currently priced at $62.99. The matte black design and external hard drive ensure that this external hard drive can be easily hidden.

It features USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility, which allows for fast data transfers and offers PC, Mac, PS4 & Xbox support.

Best External Hard Drive Largest Capacity: WD 28TB My Book Duo External Hard Drive (£419.14 / $1,199.99)

WD 28TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive
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High Capacity, Low Portability: This external hard drive can hold it all!


The WD 28TB My Book Duo Desktop External Hard drive may not be easily portable, but you can easily store up to 28 TB worth of data while not having an extensive amount of hard drives on the inside of any PC case or laptop. 

This external hard drive utilizes a dual-drive style, which creates a bulkier external hard drive but allows a significantly higher storage capacity. 

This external hard drive utilizes two raid optimizes Western Digital Red drives in a RAID-0 configuration.

Best External Hard Drive Portability: WD_Black 5TB P10-Game Drive (£114.99 / $129.59)

WD_Black 5TB P10-Game Drive
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Portability: Steam Library on the go!


External hard drives are commonly used to transfer files between various devices, ranging from desktop, laptop and even cellphones. 

This drive not only offers a 5 TB capacity but also offer capability with Playstation, Xbox, PC and Mac Systems. 

This hard drive is currently 17% off on Amazon, this makes the price $124.99, instead of the usual $149.99. 

Best Internal Hard Drive For Laptops: Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD (£69.00/ $168.26)

Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD
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Increase the storage without increasing the size!

The space reserved for a hard drive in a laptop is incredibly important, this allowed space usually has enough space for a 2.5-inch drive. 

This smaller size can potentially decrease the maximum capacity, but this drive resolves that issue by being a hybrid drive. This hybrid design feature allows for fast transfer speeds while still fitting into smaller 2.5" inch drive locations. 


Best Internal Hard Drive For Speed: The 2TB WD Black Performance Internal Hard Drive (£115.00 / $104.99)

Western Digital 2TB WD Black Performance Internal Hard Drive
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Eliminate the loading screens or access files faster!

The WD Black Performance hard drive features a capacity of 2 TB and offers a speed of 7,200 RPM. This faster speed allows for data to be easily accessed even while gaming. 

The 2 TB storage capacity allows this drive to easily store a significant amount of data, including a Steam library or recorded streams.


This faster speed and SATA III connection, which allows for up to a 6 GB/s transfer speed makes this possibly one of the fastest gaming hard drives that are currently available for purchase. 

Best Budget Internal Hard Drive: Western Digital 1TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive (£30.59 / $43.99)

Western Digital 1TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive
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High capacity and budget-saving! 

Getting a hard drive can be expensive, and if you're looking at trying to get a hard drive for a reasonable price, then the Western Digital 1TB WD Blue PC Hard Drive may be a perfect choice!

This Hard Drive allows players to compute with confidence and may be a perfect addition to your PC!


Make sure to stop by again and check out our latest entries into the list! We're always on the hunt for amazing PC components, so watch this space!

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