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Best Gaming Smartwatches 2021: Our Top Picks for Gamers and Streamers!

If you're after the best gaming smartwatch around, we've got you covered right here.

You may be asking, just what IS a gaming smartwatch...and you wouldn't be alone!

A gaming smartwatch can track your heart rate, but can also display it on screen when you're streaming.


Having these devices allows you to connect on a whole new level with your audience, sharing a literal inside view into how you're reacting to any gaming experience.

The obvious contender would be, of course, competitive gaming, but there are some hilarious applications when combined with any of the more scary titles out there too.

Let's take a look at some of the best Gaming Smartwatches available today.

Best Gaming Smartwatches


Best Gaming Smartwatch: Garmin Instinct Esports Edition

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Brand: Garmin | Color: Black Lava | Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 80 Hours | Features: Heart Rate Sensor and Stress Level

The recently released Garmin Instinct Esports Edition is designed with eSports gamers in mind. It features built-in stream integration allowing you to broadcast your estimated heart rate and stress level easily.


It uses the Garmin app called Str3AMUP!, enabling streamers to show their heart rate and stress levels during high-intensity moments and relaxing during a match.

In addition to the ability to stream your heart rate and stress levels, it features an incredibly long battery life of up to 80 hours, ensuring that if you forget to charge your smartwatch, you'll be okay for your next stream.

Coming in at under £300, we'd say it's a good investment to take your streaming to the next level.

Best Gaming Smartwatch Mid-Range : Garmin Vivoactive 4

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Brand: Garmin | Color: Black | Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Battery Life: 8 Days | Features: Heart Rate Sensor

Another fantastic smartwatch from Garmin is the Vivoactive 4, which offers unique features that include a heart rate monitor, body energy monitoring and can even be paired with headphones for phone-free music!


It features a minimalistic black design which allows this smartwatch to look professional while still being used on your stream.

To connect this smartwatch with your PC to get the heart rate data, you'll need to get one of Garmin's USB ANT Stick, which is available here. This device connects through a single USB port on your computer and connects to the Vivoactive 4 when in range.

Best Gaming Smartwatch Apple: Apple Watch Series 6

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Brand: Apple | Color: Red | Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Display: Always On Display | Battery Life: 18 Hours | Features: Heart Rate Sensor, GPS

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a smartwatch like no other as it uses a completely different operating system called watchOS.


This enables the Apple Watch to offer a significantly different experience when compared to other smartwatches that may use an Android-based OS.

Streamers have found a workaround to get their heart rate on stream from their Apple Watch, which is to use a website called HeartTwitch.

This website links to your Apple watch and displays the BPM when a workout is started, allowing streamers to capture and place the webpage into their preferred streaming application.

Best Gaming Smartwatch Large Screen: TICWRIS MAX S Andriod Smart Watch

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Brand: TICWRIS | Color: Black | Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, 4G LTE | Design: Waterproof | Features: Heart Rate Sensor, GPS

The TICWRIS MAX S Andriod Smart Watch offers a vastly different design to other smartwatches with its square screen and high-resolution display.


While this smartwatch has not officially stated support for streaming your heart rate to a computer, an app called Heart Trace 2 had been known to work with many android wear devices.

It's also waterproof, a plus for both weather and those random spillages!

Best Gaming Smartwatch Under 100: MorePro Smart Watch

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Brand: MorePro | Color: Black | Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Battery: 168 Hours | Screen Size: 1.3 Inches

A good call for a gaming smartwatch for under 100 could be the MorePro.


It features a sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Sensor, and again, it's waterproof.

Like the previous entry, there's no official statement that this can send your heart rate data to a computer, but many have seemingly had success with the same app.

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