Best 4K Gaming Monitor 2021: Our Top Picks for Next-Gen and PC

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If you're looking for the best 4K gaming monitor in 2021, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for a 4K monitor to enhance your gaming on PS5, Xbox Series X, or upgrading your PC setup to something truly epic, we've hand-selected some standout products you can get right now.

With HDMI 2.1 monitors on their way and the arguably high probability that they'll be on the expensive side, going for a 4K monitor is a great choice for both now and some time to come.

We'll be featuring some HDMI 2.1 monitors in this article once they arrive, which will be capable of 4K gaming at 120hz. There are some TVs which can do this right now, but as for monitors, we'll have to wait.

Non-HMDI 2.1 4K monitors are capable of refresh rates of around 60hz on average, meaning you can get crystal clear 4K resolution at 60 fps. While PS5 and Xbox Series X can handle this, make sure to check your PC is up to the task before committing to a monitor purchase. 

Another distinct advantage of leveraging pixel density, which in short means that images appear crisper and clearer with higher resolution generally on smaller screens. Playing on a 4K monitor at 28 inches is a whole other experience to 4K on a 50inch TV screen.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best 4K gaming monitors out there, and if you're on the hunt for a cracking deal, make sure to check out our top gaming monitor deals for February right here.

Working from home and want to get a 4K monitor for your home office? Then this article by StealthOptical will be a perfect read! 

Best 4K Gaming Monitor

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Portable: EVICIV Portable 15.6 Inch 4K Monitor (Was: £309.99, Now: £299.99)

Best Portable 4K Monitor
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PORTABILITY: Gaming, in high-resolution, on the Go!

Since the next generation of Consoles will feature support for 4K resolutions natively, gamers who want to experience the better graphics can now see it on the go!

This monitor's screen size is 15.6 inches and offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which may not be ideal for FPS games. This lowered refresh rate is perfect for single-player games that usually have fantastic visuals.

This monitor offers the ability to connect through a USB Type-C cord for both video and power, keeping your portable gaming setup clean.

Click here to buy:EVICIV Portable 15.6 Inch 4K Monitor (£299.99)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Fast Response Time: BenQ EL2870U 28-Inch (£259.00)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor
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AFFORDABLE: Get 4K for less!

BenQ seems to consistently knock it out of the park when it comes to creating high-quality 4K gaming monitors, which are also budget-friendly.

This monitor boasts an impressive response time of just 1ms, alongside a 60 / 75hz refresh rate, which often comes with the territory of TN displays.

 Add AMD FreeSync technology into the mix and you've got something that will be great for those who play competitively but also want to experience some great looking, slower-paced games too. 

Display Port and HDMI connectivity mean that this can be used for consoles and computers alike.

For the price, it's a real winner.

Click here to buy: BenQ EL2870U 28 Inch on Amazon (£259.00)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor IPS: AOC U28G2AE 28-Inch (£299.99)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor AOC
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IPS: Wide viewing angles and crystal clear clarity 

If you're using your monitor for gaming and want the advantage of wide viewing angles, then going for this AOC 4K monitor could be a great way to go.

Design speaking, this is a seriously good looking monitor, in our opinion, so if you're after that standout addition to your setup you may have found it right here.

Under the hood, you've got 60 Hz with another blisteringly fast response time of 1ms, AMD FreeSync and an impressive 300 cd/m² brightness, which should come in handy in well-lit rooms.

HDMI and Display Port connectivity once again make this another versatile monitor for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

Click here to buy: AOC U28G2AE 28 Inch on Amazon (£334.97)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Large Screen: Samsung LU32J590UQUXEN 32-Inch (Was: £339.99, Now: £264.82 / $566.00)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Samsung
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THE BIG SCREEN: Great for gaming and movies!

Samsung has some great 4K gaming monitors to choose from and for the Samsung fan, you really can't go wrong with this monitor.

It's the biggest screen on our list, so you're going to be getting a truly cinematic experience when using this for gaming.

Is it the best monitor size for competitive gaming...perhaps not, but if you want to experience epic solo campaigns in vivid detail or go all-in with immersion, this could be the monitor for you.

And it goes without saying that watching movies on this will look pretty great too!

Click here to buy: Samsung LU32J590UQUXEN 32-Inch on Amazon (£264.82 / $566.00)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor HDR: LG UHD 27UL550 27-Inch (Was: £359.99, Now: £279.99 / $346.99)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor LG
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LG is another seemingly popular choice for gamers looking for that 4K gaming experience with their monitor.

This monitor has a familiar resume, 60hz, 27-inch display, Radeon FreeSync technology, but it also features HDR 10.

We don't have to tell you that gaming with HDR on looks pretty amazing, and when you combine this with an sRGB 98% colour gamut it's arguably a good recipe for some stunning visuals.

HDMI and DisplayPort connections as usual, with some handy swivel-action, so you can get your monitor setup just right! 

Click here to buy: LG UHD 27UL550 27 Inch Monitor- UHD 4K on Amazon (£279.99 / $346.99)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor Under £300: ASUS VP28UQGL 28-Inch (£248.99 / $249.99)

Best 4K Gaming Monitor ASUS
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GREAT FOR CONSOLE & PC: Super versatile and affordable

If you're an ASUS fan and want the best of both rich detail and fast response times, then you'll want to check out this gaming monitor.

This monitor gives you 60hz with a staggering low 1ms response time, and of course crisp 4K visuals.

What's more, it features TÜV Rheinland-certified flicker-free and low blue light technologies, which can assist in a more comfortable viewing experience, especially for those longer gaming stints.  

Coming in at under £300, it's a bit of a bargain too.


Click here to buy: ASUS VP28UQGL 28 Inch 4K on Amazon (£248.99 / $249.99)

Looking for something else?

There we have it, some of our top 4K gaming monitor picks on the market right now. If you're still on the hunt, or perhaps want to find something more specific, take a look at some of our other lists for more top picks. And as always, don't forget to give us a follow on Twitter @GfinityDealsUK and @GfinityDealsUSA to be first in line to the hottest deals.

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