Get Back 4 Blood For Cheap With This Epic Deal

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So Back 4 Blood is making WAVES, and we're not surprised, the game is certainly attracting a whole lot of interest from gamers who are dying to face the hordes.

If you haven't dived straight in from release day (or earlier), we've found a cracking deal which may be just the reason to see what the hype is about!


At the time of writing. you can now get the game for a substantial 20% off at Amazon UK!

The Amazon UK exclusive now comes in at just £48.00, down from £59.99, and even comes with Back 4 Blood AR pin badge.

Not too bad if you ask us!

BUY NOW: Back 4 Blood at Amazon (Was £59.99, Now £48.00)

But What About Other Editions?

Well, if you didn't fancy the 'Standard Edition', you're in luck, because as expected there are a few Editions of the game each with their own bonuses.

Here's what else is on offer.

Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition

  • Base Game
  • Annual Pass which includes free upcoming downloadable content drops
  • 4 character battle hardened Skin Pack
  • Additional digital in-game items

Back 4 Blood Special Edition

  • Back 4 Blood full game
  • Steel case
  • Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skins

What To Do When You Get The Game!

We're on hand with all the guides in the world you need to dominate in Back 4 Blood, so be sure to check out all the latest from the Gfinity crew as it comes in!

And if you're looking to get the most out of the game, why not check out one of our top gaming monitor picks for all budgets (there's even one with over £100 off! right here).

We'll be Back 4 more deals soon.

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