WD Is Releasing NEW SSDs For Consoles! Here's Everything You Need To Know

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Exciting times ahead as Western Digital is set to release a ton of new HDDs and SSDs very soon; two of which will have certainly caught the eye of console owners.

The new WD Black-branded SSDs include the D30 Game Drive for PlayStation, Xbox & PC, and the D30 Game Drive with Xbox branding.


They are also releasing an internal drive for PCs, named the SN750 SE NVMe which you can see here.

What Does This Mean For Console Owners?

Well, for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners the D30 Game Drive has a max 900MB/s transfer rate, which is impressive yes, however, it won't serve to 'augment' the capacities of the next-gen consoles itself.

But that's not a bad thing, as it should serve as a speedy way to keep your console clear of a game library that may be pulling it away from optimised performance.


In other words...it'll be a quick and easy way to store games, so your console runs well.

But Hold On...What About Current-Gen Consoles?

For those still without the next-gen iterations of their favourite consoles, you'll be happy to hear that the two drives offer performance benefits as well as storage.

What that means is faster loading games, keeping your console clear from those massive updates, and speedy transfer too.


That's a real win in our books, and for the many out there who are still enjoying current-gen console gaming.


When it comes to design, WD are real masters in creating some seriously awesome looking gear, and that's important as it'll be taking pride and place next to your console on the daily.


The regular D30 Game Drive and its Xbox-branded version actually come with detachable stands, almost making them look like a console itself!

We think they look awesome...but how much is all of this going to set us back?

Price and Pre-orders

The D30 Game Drive is listed as $269.99 / £352.99 on Amazon for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox version and there is also a Xbox Branded version too, which is slightly more expensive.

At the time of writing there are some pre-orders left on Amazon, but a number of the SSDs are marked as temporarily out of stock.

You can check for yourself below!

WD_Black 2TB D30 Game Drive SSD

Amazon US $269.99
Amazon UK £352.99