This Logitech Gaming Headset is 32% OFF on Amazon Right Now

Right now, this Logitech G432 gaming headset is 32% off on Amazon, bringing it down from £69.99 to just £47.94!

As always you can bag yourself the deal by hitting the link below or stick around for what we think of this headset, and why it could a welcome addition to your gaming arsenal...especially First Person Shooters.


Logitech G432 Headset 32% OFF

Logitech headset
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LOGICAL SENSE - A cracking headset for an amazing price

The Important Specs

  • Wired
  • 50mm drivers
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Flip to mute mic
  • Wide compatibility

What We Think

When it comes to design, again, we're looking at a pretty sharp looking headset here, especially so with the blue detailing, which pairs it up nicely with some other popular Logitech accessories, such as this gaming mouse.

This makes a great purchase if you're looking to have some unison to your setup (combine that with some blue LED strip lighting and you've got something pretty epic.)

Performance speaking, you're getting 50mm drivers which are great for delivering immersive sound, alongside a flip to mute 6mm boom mic for clear comms when playing online.

And when it comes to playing online, this headset will certainly come into its own, especially as we enter a brand new season for Call of Duty Warzone and a whole new map.

Positional awareness is arguable one of the most important factors in first-person shooters, and if you've been playing Warzone recently, you'll know that loads of people are now using 'Dead Silence' to get the drop on players.

Nowadays it's more important than ever to know what's going on, especially if you want to avoid those frustrating defeats...of which we've had many!

Bottom Line

A great looking headset, which could give you the edge in battle, but also add some serious style to your setup when paired with other Logitech devices.

You can check out some of the accessories we're referring to below, and as always, be sure to check back in with us for the latest deals @GfinityDealsUK.


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