When is Stranger Things Leaving Dead By Daylight?

Back in Dead By Daylight Year 4, a new chapter was released which tied into the beloved Netflix show, Stranger Things. Chapter 13 was released September 2019 and just shy of two years following release, it's been confirmed that ALL Stranger Things related content is set to leave the game.

A Strange occurrence given that Netflix's 'Stranger Things Season 4' is set to hit our TV screens in the coming months. But regardless, it's happening, so Dead By Daylight players should probably get up to speed with what this means for the game before the content vanishes for good.

So read on, we'll explain exactly what's going on, what content is going away and what you can do before it does vanish completely. But first, let's have a reminder of what Chapter 13 brought to the Entity in the below trailer spotlight.

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9 September 2021 -

Because we wanted another excuse to use our fancy new countdown timer, here's how long you've got left before all Stranger Things DLC is removed from Dead By Daylight.

Time Until Stranger Things Is Removed From DBD

Why Is Stranger Things Leaving Dead By Daylight?

The official explanation for why Stranger Things content not be available for purchase was outlined in a blog post and on the games official FAQ. It reads:

As with all live-service games, frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change are to be expected. With Stranger Things, our focus continues to be ensuring the legacy of these characters within our game for fans who have purchased them or plan to do so by November 17th at 2 PM EST. With the exception of the Hawkins National Laboratory, all Stranger Things content surrounding Nancy, Steve, and The Demogorgon will remain part of the Dead by Daylight experience.

It's a bit of a non-answer, but the long and short of it seems to be that Dead by Daylight's license to use the content is expiring and for whatever reason, they've opted against renewing it.

As a result, the game will no longer be allowed to sell content related to the Netflix IP.

This is a fairly common occurrence for video games, with many titles having to cut back content or be delisted from stores entirely as a result of license agreements.

We've seen this previously with games such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game and more recently with Forza Motorsport 7, which will no longer be available to purchase after September 2021 (and removed from Game Pass).

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When Is Stranger Things Leaving Dead By Daylight?

Behaviour Interactive has stated that all Stranger Things related content will no longer be available to purchase or unlock on November 17, 2021.

Writing on the game’s official FAQ, they told fans:

Now, after two years filled with more brutal kills and last-second escapes than we can count courtesy of The Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler, and Steve Harrington, November 17, 2021, will mark the last occasion for fans to purchase Stranger Things content in Dead by Daylight.

To be more specific, the Stranger Things content will be removed on November 17th at 2 PM EST, which is 7PM GMT for those in the UK.

Stranger Things Map, Killer, Survivors and Perks - What Happens To Them?

The good news is that whilst content will no longer be available to purchase after November 17, it will still be available in-game for anyone who has purchased it. Let us run through all the content and the various permutations, thanks to the info gleaned from the official FAQ.

Will the Stranger Things Map be playable?

The Hawkins National Laboratory Map will no longer be available after November 17th, with Behaviour Interactive playfully suggesting that "the gate to the Upside Down will close and the Underground Complex Map will be sealed off permanently".

Quite whether we see it return in 2021 remains to be seen, but we would think it's unlikely unless another licensing agreement can be struct between the developer and Netflix.

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things Map for Hawkings Lab
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Will Stranger Things Demogorgon, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington be playable?

Yes, assuming you have purchased the killer and characters before November 17th. In addition, all collections and outfits related to Stranger Things will also be useable, assuming they have been purchased before they're removed from sale. This was confirmed in the official announcement:

Players who have already purchased any of these Stranger Things characters will retain access to them and can continue using them after Nov. 17 when they are no longer for sale.

What will happen with the Stranger Things perks/shrine/add-ons?

All perks, teachable perks and add-ons related to the Stranger Things characters will continue to be earnable/unlockable in those characters’ Bloodwebs. The Daily Rituals will also still be available for players who own the Stranger Things characters. Info on teachable perks & shrine in below question.

What about achievements?

You don’t lose your progress on the characters that you already own. The Achievements will be made generic (so not specific to Stranger Things), and if you already had completed the achievement, the achievement will be automatically unlocked for you.
Dead by Daylight Demogorgon Killer Perks
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What will happen to the teachable perks?

Teachable perks for Steve, Nancy, and The Demogorgon will remain available to earn on those characters for players who own them, with new versions of these teachables being made available in the Shrine of Secrets to all players. Any player who has already earned a teachable perk will continue to have it available to learn on their other characters.

How To Get Stranger Things DLC Before It's Gone

Assuming you don't own any Stranger Things DLC content in Dead By Daylight, there is some good news.

The developer is having a 'Last Chance Sale' giving players the opportunity to purchase the content on the cheap before it's removed.

"If you’ve had your eye on any character or outfit you still want to add to your collection, now’s the time to scoop them up at an amazing discount," the developers warned in their blog post.

From August 18th to September 1st all Stranger Things related Dead by Daylight DLC content will be on sale at more or less half price.

Details and discounts can be found below.

When is the Stranger Things sale starting?

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DLC Sale - August 18th to September 1st

  • Steam: 60% off ST DLC + 50% ST Edition
  • PlayStation: 60% off ST DLC + 50% ST Edition
  • Xbox: 60% off ST DLC + 50% ST Edition
  • Stadia: 60% off ST DLC + 50% ST Edition
  • Nintendo Switch: 60% off ST DLC

In-game cosmetic sale - August 18th to September 8th

  • The Demogorgon – All outfits
  • Steve Harrington – All outfits
  • Nancy Wheeler – All outfits

Character Sale – August 18th to November 17th

  • Steve, Nancy and Demogorgon

So make sure you snap up any of the content before it vanishes into the upside down, for good.

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