Dead By Daylight Tome 7: All Challenges, Rewards and New Items

Dead by Daylight has just revealed what we can expect from Tome 7 - including new challenges, exclusive cosmetics, thrilling lore and up to 60 different items that'll have any fan wanting to dive right into the 70 tiers of the new Tome 7 Rift Pass.

With each tome there are a number of wild, usually incredibly hard challenges that will reward players Rift Fragments - currency that helps them go up the Rift Pass track and earns them some amazing cosmetics and charms. And who can say no to charms?

A list of challenges were leaked beforehand, and can be viewed below. As to be expected with Tome 7 - which highlights both Bill from Left 4 Dead and Killer, The Plague, - there are a number of different challenges related to the characters of said tome.

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In a Rift Pass Overview that was released on YouTube, there was a number of different charms and cosmetics that were revealed, including creations made via the Dead by Daylight community.

Dead by Daylight Tome 7 Rewards and New Items

As always, Dead by Daylight's free pass will offer fewer rewards and cosmetics than the premium pass. That said, there will still be some awesome cosmetics if you're a fan of Left 4 Dead's Bill, as well as botanist Claudette Morel.

New Content

Free Pass:

- Bill Overbeck - Heart of Valor Skin

- 5+ Left 4 Dead Charms

- Claudette Morel - Freestyle Claudette

Premium Pass:

- The Plague - The Maiden Guard

- Zarina Kassir - Brooklyn Nights

- The Trapper - Beast of Nature

- Kate Denson - Sunshine Queen

Alternatively, you can also have a look at the differences between the two paths, below. All in all, there are over 60+ cosmetics for you to grind for.

The rewards from Tome 7 are limited, meaning that after the season ends you will not be able to get certain cosmetics and charms afterwards. So if you're a fan of Dead by Daylight, don't hesitate and get to playing now!

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