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Dead By Daylight The Huntress Build Guide: The Best Killer Perks, Powers, Add-Ons and Tips

The Huntress is a range-based Killer that was first introduced in the Dead by Daylight Chapter V DLC: Lullaby for the Dark. The Huntress, much like The Hag, moves slower than her male counterparts, however her power makes up for her lack of speed.

And if that power doesn’t do it for you, then, well… She’s a giant Russian lady. What more could you want?

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To understand The Huntress and how best to use her effectively against Survivors, you’ll have to understand her power, add-ons, and perks.

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Dead By Daylight The Huntress Killer Guide: Perks

The Huntress has three unique perks that can be unlocked for other Killers via the Bloodweb.

  • Beast of Prey - When you gain Bloodlust at Tier 1, you gain the Undetectable status effect for as long as Bloodlust is active. You gain 30/40/50% bonus Bloodpoints for actions in the Hunter category.

  • Territorial Imperative - When a Survivor enters the Basement when you’re at least 32 metres away, their Aura is revealed to you for 3 seconds. The Perk has a cooldown of 30/25/20 seconds.

  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby - Every time you hook a Survivor, you gain a Token. For each Token (up to 5) you earn, it shortens the time before you hear the Warning Sound of a Skill Check. Once you earn up to Token 5, you hear no Warning Sound at all. For each failed Skill Check, Survivors suffer a 2/4/6% penalty on Generator repairs and Healing.

Dead By Daylight The Huntress Killer Guide: Power

The Huntress’ Power is called Hunting Hatchets.

The Huntress’ primary weapon is a big broadaxe that can be used to hit at Survivors and injure them when they are close by. However, her Hunting Hatchets are small, ranged axes that can be used to fling at Survivors over a great distance - even across the map if you’re a skilled enough Killer player.


The Huntress starts the Trial with 5 Hunting Hatchets and must press the power button to wind up her hatchets and throw them. The Huntress can let go of her hatchets immediately, or hold them to send off a Charged Shot - which offers more points - and hit a Survivor. Charging a shot slows The Huntress down a lot, to the point that even Survivors can outrun her with their Movement Speed.

Once out of Hunting Hatchets, The Huntress can reload at Lockers. The Aura of the nearest Lockers will be shown as soon as you run out of hatchets.

Dead By Daylight The Huntress Killer Guide: Best Add-Ons

The Huntress is a ranged, but slow Killer; so her best Add-Ons are those that help effectively stop the Survivor from getting away from her, increase the amount of Hunting Hatchets, or make her hatchets a one-shot down if you’re unfortunate enough to get hit by them.

  • Leather Loop - This add-on lets The Huntress start with 1 additional Hunting Hatchet. While it doesn’t necessarily do anything fancy, it does let beginner players of The Huntress have a bit more freedom in Chases and allows veteran players more chances to knock Survivors down. The best of both worlds.

  • Venomous Concoction - Survivors hit with Hunting Hatchets suffer from the Exhausted status effect, meaning that Exhaustion Survivor Perks like Dead Hard, Lithe, Sprint Burst, etc are no longer usable for 5 seconds. Considering that you’ll most likely be in a Chase at this point too, this is a great add-on to prevent Survivors from escaping you.

  • Iridescent Head - An add-on that will most likely lead Survivors to disconnect against you, even now. The Huntress starts the Trial with only 1 hatchet, but if hit by it the Survivor immediately goes into the Dying state. Best paired with The Huntress’ other Iridescent add-on, Soldier’s Puttee to increase her Movement Speed whenever she is out of Hunting Hatchets.

  • Infantry Belt - The Huntress starts the Trial with 2 additional Hunting Hatchets, and the capacity moves from 5 to 7. Paired with an add-on that increases wind-up time, as well as Perks that help reveal where Survivors are, you’ll be more of a machine gun of hatchets than your regular Huntress.

Dead By Daylight The Huntress Killer Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • The Huntress should predict Survivors. If you see them go for a vault or drop a pallet, ready your Hunting Hatchets and let them fly as soon as the Survivors are locked in an animation, or are in a narrow place that it’d be impossible for them to spin out of the way at the last second.

  • The Huntress is a slow Killer, and is tremendously slowed when using her Hunting Hatchets, so only use them when you think you’re able to get a Hit in the places mentioned above.

  • Trickier Survivors will know that The Huntress uses her hatchets at Windows, Vaults and Pallets and will try to bait you into using your hatchets straight away. Try not to overreact to what Survivors are doing, instead watch them and then predict what they’ll do and then strike.

  • Perks that let you see Survivor’s Auras (such as I’m All Ears, Nurse’s Calling and BBQ + Chilli) are great at letting you predict where Survivors will go, making them prime targets for your hatchets. The more information you know, the deadlier you are as The Huntress.

  • If a Survivor is in front of you and you can go for a basic hit instead of hatchets, do a Hatchet throw anyway. This is because the cooldown for Hatchet throws is much shorter than normal attacks and once Survivors are hit, you can then use your basic attack to finish them off quickly.

  • Try to bait Survivors into being locked into an animation by either getting too close for comfort by them, or winding up your hatchet further away, making them drop the pallet, and then letting go.