Dead By Daylight Developer Update Offers Early Look At Upcoming Patch and Coldwind Farm Rework

Dead By Daylight developers Behaviour Interactive has released a new blog post, and it appears that nerfs are inbound for The Nightmare, while The Demogorgon could be due a buff amid other balancing changes.

There are also some changes coming to the game's underlying systems and a graphical update to Coldwind Farm coming soon. Could they arrive as part of Chapter 20?

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Dead By Daylight Developer Update Offers Early Look At Upcoming Patch

Behaviour notes that these changes are being implemented as part of the game's Player Test Build (PTB), so it's all likely to change - but it's a great chance to get a sneak peek at what could be coming down the pike.

As we alluded to, The Nightmare is being nerfed by reducing his movement speed when placing a snare, and a reduced number of snares and dream pellets. The Nightmare is also getting some changes to his action speed add-ons, and plenty more.

The Demogorgon, on the other hand, is getting a movement speed buff when in a portal, and reduced cooldown and increased Undetectable when leaving one, as well as add-on changes.

The Huntress is also set for add-on tweaks, while The Twins are getting some changes, too.

You can find all of the updates here.

Perk updates are also coming to target Small Game, Lucky Break, Soul Guard, Open Handed, Zanshin Tactics, Borrowed Time and Object of Obsession.

The latter has been entirely reworked, so that players revealing their aura to the killer will also see the killer's aura, as well as stat boosts.

Toolboxes and hatches are also getting some tweaks, with the former more likely to receive a skill check, and the latter will now auto-shut after 10 seconds instead of thirty.

Players can also expect an update to the game's hub, with specific improvements to The Doctor's Madness effect, The Nightmare's Dream World, The Plague's Infection meter and Stalk meters and Ghost Face's mark.

The Struggle system is also being changed to allow for occasional skill checks to reduce button mashing, increasing accessibility, while Coldwind Farm is getting a facelift.

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