DayZ 1.15 Update: Release Date, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

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Reminder: DayZ Update 1.15 is starting to roll out. The confirmed update 1.15 patch notes are available and can be seen on the link. We'll update this page with more refreshed info once the update has released on all platforms later today.

It's not been too long since DayZ dropped the rather significant 1.14 update, adding toxic zones and so much more. But as with any persistent online game, there's always another update coming just around the corner. For DayZ, that update is the 1.15 Patch. Whilst we doubt the next update will introduce anything quite so dramatic as the toxic zones, it should still prove to be a rather important patch as we head into 2022. Keep reading and we'll run through everything you need to know about DayZ update 1.15.

Latest News

19 November 2021 -

DayZ has announced a release date for the game's 1.15 Stable update. For those who don't know what that means, it's basically the developer's way of saying that the update has passed all the checks on the test server and can now start rolling out to the main game and all platforms. Bohemia Interactive is aiming to release the 1.15 Stable Update to all platforms next week, on 23 November 2021, which is next Tuesday. However, the developer has said this is just a "target date", so don't be surprised if they do push it back a couple of days.

8 November 2021 -

The DayZ 1.15 update dropped on Experimental last week, but we suspect we'll see another update early this week as Bohemia Interactive looks to tweak the experience.

4 November 2021 -

Finally. Nearly a month after Bohemia Interactive confirmed they'll be releasing 1.15 before the end of the year, we've been given some concrete details on what to expect.

First up, if you want to comb through the games latest DayZ patch notes, follow the link to read all the new changes introduced on the experimental servers. On this page (further down) you'll find a breakdown of the latest features added with 1.15.

10 October 2021 -

DayZ Update 1.15 appears to have been confirmed by Bohemia Interactive along with the game's Halloween event and the Christmas event coming to DayZ in 2021.

This comes via Scotty, the PR & Brand Manager for the game (Noticed by DayZ Content Creator @Marks_1616).

For now, there's not a whole heap of info related to update 1.15, but at least we have some confirmation of the update arriving later this year.

DayZ update
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When Is The DayZ Update 1.15 Release Date

Update: The 1.15 Stable update is scheduled to release on 23 November 2021.

So far Bohemia Interactive hasn't given any details on when they might release DayZ update 1.15 for all platforms, but we imagine it'll arrive this December. Before we explain why, let's take a look at when the games past updates have launched.

  • DayZ 1.14 - 29 September 2001
  • DayZ 1.13 - 13 July 2021
  • DayZ 1.12 - 20 April 2021
  • DayZ 1.11 - 16 February 2021
  • DayZ 1.10 - 18 November 2020

Now, generally speaking, there's always been a minimum of 63 days, and a maximum of 90 days between these updates.

If we assume a 63 day minimum, it means Update 1.15 will arrive on 1st December 2021. If we assume a more length 80 days, then the update would release on 18th December.

Either way, it looks like there's at least a number of weeks to go before the release. Although it's possible we see the 1.15 patch arrive in November on Experimental Servers.

DayZ 1.15 Teasers & Leaks

There's no concrete teasers or leaks surrounding the next 1.15 update. However, we would suggest having a watch of this video from DayZ content creator, Marks, who has some pretty conclusive evidence which suggests the AUG Automatic Rifle is coming back to the game.

DayZ 1.15 New Features

Below you'll find a full overview from the developer of what's coming to the game with the 1.15 experimental update.

One of the update’s major additions is the new server-side gameplay settings. These new files (within the mission folder) aim to make certain gameplay adjustments more accessible without the need for modding the game itself. For now, these include control over the following systems:

  • Weather behavior through various parameters in cfgWeather.xml
  • Player stamina system in cfgGameplay.json
  • Placing and construction restrictions in basebuilding in cfgGameplay.json
  • Support for overriding other gameplay parameters, currently stored within the server config (to simplify the approach)

We’re already looking at expanding the customization options even further for future updates. If you already have any feedback or requests, do not hesitate to share your thoughts on our feedback tracker. Documentation for all these new settings will be available around the stable release of 1.15.

This game update also focuses on improving feedback to the player through the addition of onscreen directional hit effects. These accompany the already present red vignette and are positioned in a way that will help you locate the direction from which you are getting hit. Work on these effects also allowed us to start working on the onscreen effects of bleeding. This will greatly improve feedback on the bleeding, which is currently lacking (especially when playing without HUD). While we’re pretty excited to bring this into the game, we’re going to need more time to develop it. Therefore, it’ll be included in a later game update.

Another thing we’ve done is balance the player character’s stomach, water, and energy storage. Our primary goal was to decrease the strength of a character's water and energy reserves, which had previously allowed players to stay alive for hours without the need for food or drink. These changes include:

  • It is now easier to get out of dangerously low energy and water levels, but harder to retain high values for a longer time.
  • It takes longer for water and energy to be processed from stomach contents.
  • Slightly lowered damage to health during dangerously low levels.
  • Adjusted thresholds to better reflect the actual state of water and energy levels (primarily to give sufficient time to react).

There are also a lot of smaller changes that greatly improve the overall experience:

  • Fire mode switching now has audio feedback; mainly useful when playing without the HUD.
  • Performance during shooting has been greatly improved.
  • Some firearms had their fire rate increased to match their real-life counter parts more closely.
  • Unconscious state from a firearms hit has been prolonged (compared to 1.14, not the original 1.12 values).
  • Head torch can be worn with most head gear (takes glasses instead of head slot).
  • Most of the small bushes now yield long sticks after being cut down.
  • Night vision scopes now have the ability to switch between day and night modes while in hand.
  • Ski mask clipping with head gear has been solved.

Finally, we’ve added a new female character and there are some new toys to be found in the world as well, but we’re not going to tell you what they are.

DayZ 1.15 screenshot
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DayZ 1.15 Patch Notes

4 November: Bohemia Interactive has released the DayZ 1.15 experimental update and patch notes, follow the link below for all the latest changes leading up to the stable release.

Obviously, the DayZ 1.15 Update is not available on live servers, but it's possible that we'll see some potential changes available on experimental servers for Xbox and PC players in the lead up to launch.

We'll be sure to track all changes on our DayZ Patch Notes guide, including all the nitty-gritty changes as they're tested.

But do keep in mind that some of these changes could be reverted or tweaked before update 1.15 is released on live servers for all platforms.

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Is DayZ 1.15 Getting A Server Wipe?

So far this year the developers have released two server wipes on DayZ. The first came with the 1.11 Update and the second came with the 1.13 update.

At the time of writing, we cannot say for certain if the team are planning a server wipe with Update 1.15, but it seems like a distinct possibility. We say this because earlier this year, when outlining the DayZ 2021 Roadmap, the devs explained that the team won't be undertaking a server wipe with every update.

They did say though that they were planning another two this year, separated by about "3-4 months" at a time. We've had one, so it seems logical that we'll get another with the 1.15 update.

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