DayZ 1.14 Update: Release Date, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

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DayZ last dropped an update to the game on July 13, 2021 with the release of the DayZ 1.13 update and now as we head into September it looks as though DayZ 1.14 is getting ready to drop. A short teaser from Bohemia Interactive has already given fans a glimpse of what they're planning, but it's all very cryptic. That said, we do have some ideas, which are listed further down. Keep reading, we'll run through everything you need to know about DayZ update 1.14.

Latest News

29 September 2021 -

6pm - Update: 1.14 Stable Patch Notes have been released and can be viewed on the link above..

9am - The new DayZ 1.14 Update is rolling out today on all platforms. Goodbye experimental server!

Here is the update plan for today. At 10:00 CEST, the PC servers will go down. They are projected to be back at 14:00 CEST.

Playstation & Xbox servers will go down at 14:00 CEST 14:00 CEST and will be back within an hour.

Stay tuned for the official DayZ 1.14 patch notes!

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27 September 2021 -

DayZ Update 1.14 is dropping later this week, but if you want to get yourself familiar with the games new features ahead of time, be sure to read up on our guides for the game's new Toxic Zones as well as all of the Toxic Zone locations.

24 September 2021 -

Bohemia Interactive has announced a stable release date for update 1.14.

The latest patch will be released for all platforms on September 29th (next Wednesday).

Devs also confirmed that there will be no wipe for this update.

14 September 2021 -

Bohemia Interactive's next game update is set to release today, with the third PC Experimental release. If you're interested in the latest changes available, follow the link to check out the new DayZ Patch Notes.

13 September 2021 -

ICYMI - This was not listed in 1.14 patch notes for not being suitable for any of the Experimental Platform announcements. But DayZ 1.14 update will introduce 60 FPS on PS5.

6 September 2021 -

Hopefully we'll learn more about the full rollout schedule for DayZ 1.14 this week, but it's also worth noting that anyone playing on experimental servers should - where possible - share any feedback using the games Feedback Tracker:

Otherwise, how else can the game improve when it finally hits live servers.

2 September 2021 -

Bohemia Interactive has announced that they're rolling out the brand new 1.14 update TODAY. Although for now it's only for the games Experimental branches on Xbox and PC.

Patch Notes should be available shortly, but it's worth noting that Xbox Experimental servers will go down at 14:00 CEST and PC servers are doing down at 15:00 CEST. Each maintenance will take an hour.

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1 September 2021 -

[4pm] - We’ve added details of confirmed new features in DayZ 1.14 further down.

[11am] - Since the release of the first teaser on 27 August we've heard nothing more from the developers on the state of DayZ's next big update.

We think it's unlikely we'll see anything this week, but our guess is we might see something next week, with a potential release on 7 September.

29 August 2021 -

Another Twitter message has been shared with the community from the DayZ official account, and this time it includes yet more morse code.

It reads "-.-- . .-.. .-.. --- .-- / -.- .. -. --."

Which translates to "Yellow King". But what could it mean?

DayZ 1.14 Confirmed New Features

If you want a complete break down of all the changes we suggest reading the DayZ 1.14 blog post from the developers. Or having a look at the official patch notes.

However, here is a quick topline overview of what is new in DayZ 1.14:

  • New contaminated areas (Toxic Zones)
    • Static areas contain more high tier loot.
    • Dynamic areas make "the world more unpredictable"
  • New Gear
    • Gas Masks, Yellow NBC Suits and protective gear
  • New Helicopter Changes
    • Sound for helicopters crashing (for Helicopter Crash Sites)
    • Russian helicopters generate smoke particles
  • New Hunting Traps
    • Big fishing net and a small bottle fish trap.
    • Snare trap for catching hares and chickens
    • Booby trap: the tripwire
  • New Weapons
    • LE-MAS assault rifle and magazine
    • NV-PVS4 Scope
DayZ Russian Helicopter Crash Site
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DayZ 1.14 Teasers & Leaks

The 12-second teaser (seen above) is a treasure trove of clues. We've tried to break it down into bullet points, below:

  • First up, the morse code on the Tweet “.- … .- …-.” reads “LEAVE
  • The table shows two maps, for both Livonia and Chernarus.
  • There are numerous warnings scribbled down on the maps, such as 'Evacuate' 'only warning' and 'Get Out'. Clearly, the devs are teasing a big event that will impact both maps and players in a fairly significant way.
  • There's a gas mask on the table and a large portion of the community believe we could see something such as radiation zones or gas attacks in some of the locations pinpointed on the map, too.

Personally, we're inclined to agree with TreeBagger on Reddit, who we think is on the right path with his guesses over what could happen. Here's his input from the DayZ Sub-Reddit.

Okay I could be over analyzing things here but I've deducted a few things! To me it looks like the syringes on the table are neither morphine or epinephrine, although they share a green colour with morphine there isnt matching purple/red caps on either side. Also there is 3 of the syringes, and a gas mask next to them. Next there is a few locations circled and marked on the vanilla maps, with "evacuate! Leave! Only warning" sooo this might be a longshot but hear me out:

What if they're making certain areas of the maps radiated, or filled with some kindve toxic gas, and the only way to safely loot these areas are with gas masks and the new medical syringes they will be releasing!
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When Is The DayZ Update 1.14 Release Date

[UPDATE - DayZ 1.14 will be released for all platforms on stable servers on September 29th]

So far Bohemia Interactive hasn't given any details on when they might release DayZ update 1.14 for all platforms.

For now, the update is only available on experimental servers for Xbox and PC players.

We think it could yet be a couple more weeks before we see the update released on live servers for PC Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Time will tell.

DayZ 1.14 Patch Notes

Though DayZ Update 1.14 is not available on live servers it is available on experimental servers for Xbox and PC players. That means we do have some DayZ Patch Notes for 1.14 which details all the nitty-gritty changes.

But do keep in mind that some of these changes could be reverted or tweaked before update 1.14 is released on live servers for all platforms.

DayZ Wallpaper
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Is DayZ 1.14 Getting A Server Wipe?

[UPDATE - Devs have confirmed there will be no wipe for DayZ 1.14]

DayZ has released two server wipes so far this year. One with the 1.11 Update and again with the 1.13 update.

Whilst for now we can't say for certain if the team are planning a server wipe with 1.14, we think it's unlikely.

Earlier this year, when outlining the DayZ 2021 Roadmap, the devs explained that the team won't be undertaking a server wipe with every update, instead, they're planning another two this year, separated by about "3-4 months" at a time.

We think it's possible then that we see another wipe later this year, with the DayZ 1.15 update, potentially coming at the tail end of the year.

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