DayZ HoliDayZ: Christmas Event Release Date, Features And More

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Day Z, is a survival shooter which has continued to see its community grow.

Created by Bohemia Interactive, it came to Xbox Game Pass not long ago bringing even more players to the game.


With Christmas on its way, the devs decided to bless players with some holiday spirit!

Keep reading to find out more!

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HoliDayZ Event

The HoliDayz event is DayZ's version of a Christmas event.


The event was announced on the DayZ forum boards here.

Release Date

The event is live from now until the 11th of January.

So get yourself in-game and have some holiday fun!



  • The event will be running on ALL stable severs. Mission will be shared with the community as well.
  • You will be able to find Christmas-y features like giant Christmas tree in every major cities.
  • Zombie Santa, Santa hat,  and Santa Beard will spawn around the area of the trees and more.
  • Gift boxes will spawn around the area of the Christmas trees with surprise goods inside.