DayZ: How to get "Blood" up and increase your health

Day Z, the survival shooter from Bohemia Interactive, has landed on Xbox Game Pass and has reached a whole new audience – with hundreds of thousands of players hopping in for the first time.

In a world where everything wants to kill you, your "Blood" level (think of it as health) is critical. Here's how to regain lost Blood.

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DayZ: How to Regain Blood

You can lose blood in three ways: Injury, dehydration/starvation, or hypothermia.

Injuries, such as a zombie attack or gunshot wound, scale in severity – being shot will hurt more than being attacked by the infected.

Dehydration will cause damage over time, as will starvation, while hypothermia will also cause a loss in energy, too – making it harder to complete actions.

Your blood level will determine how your health regenerates, and is boosted by eating food, drinking, and staying warm and out of conflict.

There are no instant healing items, but a Morphine Auto-Injector will allow you to perform all actions at a normal rate regardless of your condition.

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