Days Gone Nero: Injector Locations

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Days Gone is one of many PS4 games that will be free to download as part of PS Plus in November thanks to the PS Plus Collection.

The single-player title is one of the premier PlayStation exclusives.


It received exceptional review scores back when it released in April of 2019.

Now, an ample amount of you is probably checking out the game for the first time.

So, there are multiple items you will want to find during your journey.

One of these items is the Nero Injectors locations

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Here's how to find all of them!


What Are They

Nero injectors are locations all over the Days Gone map, that will offer some incredible boosts to your player.


Visiting these will level up your health, stamina or focus abilities.

In total, there are 30 Nero syringes for you to find during your playthrough. 

Meaning each of the categories can be leveled up ten times over the course of the game.

So, it is valuable that you spend some time finding these locations, as you will find the game much easier moving forward. 



There are 30 checkpoints over the map where you will be able to find these consumables.


The Days Gone map is rather massive in comparison to other single-player games.

But, you will be exploring most of the map because of the story, so finding these locations will just happen every now and then. 

PowerPyx posted a YouTube video noting the locations of all of them.

Check it out below along with time codes beneath the video for further detail!