Days Gone How to Store Weapons

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Days Gone is one of many PS4 games that will be free to download as part of PS Plus in November thanks to the PS Plus Collection.

The single-player title is one of the premier PlayStation exclusives.


It received exceptional review scores back when it released in April of 2019.

Now, an ample amount of you is probably checking out the game for the first time.

There is a flurry of weapons you will be able to find all over the game, and you will need to store some of them from time to time.

Here's how to store your weapons in Days Gone!



Gun Locker

One of the best ways to store your weapons in Days Gone is the Gun Locker.

This handy device will automatically store and sort all the weapons you obtain throughout the story.


You will be able to access this safe throughout the game at specific locations, but it will not be hard to miss.

Weapons in Days Gone will range in condition, rarity, and so on. 

Finding the right combination of weapons to use during the game is key to progressing at a steady pace.

Going back into your gun locker will be vital, especially during the late game!


So, let us know what your favorite weapons are in Days Gone.

As well, if you are going to check out the game once again on the PS5, or if you playing it for the first time!