Fans Petition Sony to Develop Days Gone 2

Not long after Bloomberg reported Sony scrapped a supposed Days Gone remake, fans are leading the charge to put it back on the development map.

Kanhai Reval started the “Get Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2” petition on after the report surfaced on April 9.

“There’s millions of people who want Sony Playstion [sic] to approve Days Gone 2,” Reval wrote. “And I want all the fans to sign this petition They can’t just pull the plug on such a amazing game that ended with a cliff hanger.”

However, the actual petition goal is a bit more modest.

Instead of millions of signatures, the initial goal is 15,000.

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Fans Petition Sony to Develop Days Gone 2

So far, it seems Reval is on track to reach that goal fairly soon.

The petition has gained over 10,000 signatures since April 9, with several new signers every minute.

However, it’s unclear Sony would pay a fan petition any attention, whether Reval reaches their 15,000 or millions goal.

Petitions are many, and the instances where they’ve influenced developers to create or publish a specific game are few.

The movement to get Xenoblade Chronicles localized is one of the few that had their intended effect.

It’s also worth noting there’s been no official confirmation either that Days Gone 2 was in development or that it has been permanently cancelled.

Whatever Sony's plans are, we know E3 isn't where we'll hear about them.


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