Several completed, unutilized areas of Cyberpunk 2077 found by fan

Cyberpunk 2077 needed more time to develop, and it was clearly not ready yet. It wasn't just players who felt this way, but even the developers themselves, who some say planned for a release date of 2022. CD Projekt Red left a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor because the actual release date was allegedly around two years before what developers expected.

Reddit user pablo397 discovered many unused locations for Cyberpunk 2077. Many levels don't get finished in typical games before release, but these levels have already been completed. You can see how close the areas were to being included in the game had it not been released so early.

There is a leak that suggests Cyberpunk 2077 development wasn't prepared for launch: Developer Glitch Montage from Cyberpunk 2077 is allegedly leaked

Cyberpunk 2077 unused finished levels

I'm going to post the videos in the Reddit posts, but you can click and see the comments if you'd like. I like the unused luxury apartments the most because it shows what could have been. In the E3 2018 demo of the game, a feature that lets players buy property was mentioned, which may be what this is. Even though players are not allowed to enter this area during their normal gameplay, the interior is fully rendered, including a swimming pool and a balcony.

Pablo shows a second apartment where the interior has not been finished, with a cool hovercar on the balcony. This indicates that it was part of a quest or another property that V had the opportunity to purchase.

Pablo walks into a Jinguji store in this video. Jinguji owns only one store in Night City, which sells the most expensive clothing. The project was likely taken out late in development because the location is closed.

Pablo has many other videos where he looks around unused areas and early builds of Cyberpunk 2077, and I recommend looking at them. I will have posted the police wanted system here because I like it as well.

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