How Many Acts Are In Cyberpunk 2077?

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The most anticipated game of 2020 has finally released all over the world. 

Cyberpunk 2077 is the next big RPG from developer CD Projekt Red.


Set in the booming immersive metropolis of Night City, the game has an ample amount of content within.

One aspect that has been highly praised within the game is the story.

Along with the main storyline, there is an abundance of side quests for players to take part in.

However, before you jump into the game; you may be wondering how many acts there are to Cyberpunk's main story.


Here's how many. 



All in all, there are three total acts to Cyberpunk's story.


A beginning, middle, and concluding act is what you are going to be able to experience within Night City.

This seems to be a pretty standard model for games, but the game will actually tell you when you are moving onto the next act.

An aspect we do not get to see every so often, so it is nice to know how much progress we are making. 

Be sure to let us know on Twitter what act you are on within Cyberpunk 2077!


As well, let us know what lifepath you opted for at the beginning of the game.