Cyberpunk 2077: Where To Find The Gorilla Arm Cyberware

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The final major release of 2020 has finally released all over the world.

CD Projekt Red's latest RPG, Cyberpunk 2077 is off to a flying start.


The developers have managed to create one of the best looking cities in recent memory, as Night City is filled with content.

One large component of Cyberpunk is your player's internal cyberware.

These are the modifications you can attach while at a Ripperdoc, and can make your player unstoppable.

One of the best ones players have been finding is called 'Gorilla Arms'.


This modification is going to turn you into one of the best brawlers in Night City.

Here's where to find it! 



This is one of the best cyberware's you can purchase if you are looking to knock your opponents out cold.


This mod will greatly increase your players punching ability and make them overall stronger.

Players will be able to purchase this modification through Ripperdocs all over Night City.

It is unknown at what point in the game they become purchasable, but you will need to be level 22 in order to equip them. 

Here the attributes you will gain from equipping the Gorilla Arms: 

  • 119-145 Damage
  • +49-60% Physical Damage
  • 3.02 Attack Speed
  • +10% Bleeding Chance 

Not bad right? 

Be sure to let us know if you have equipped these deadly arms!