Cyberpunk 2077: Street Kid Lifepath Details Unveiled

August 10th marked the release of the second episode of Night City Wire, a series revealing details surrounding CD Projekt Red’s hotly anticipated release, Cyberpunk 2077.

Alongside Corpo and the Nomad lifepaths, senior quest designer Philipp Weber unveiled new details surrounding the lifepath of the Street Kids.

Here’s all the new information we found.

The Street Kids

Cyberpunk 2077 Street Kids Lifepath
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Said to live by the mantra of “born here, live here, die here,” Street Kids spend the vast majority of their lives in Night City and have an astute understanding of the various gangs operating throughout the city.

Selecting the Street Kid lifepath will impact several opportunities and unique dialogue options throughout the entire game. In one particular mission, Corpos and Nomads will have the ability to engage in particular dialogue options but Street Kids will not. Despite this, Street Kids will gain access to unique options of their very own later on in the mission.

Street Kids also have the chance to demonstrate their abilities to evade the law to the likes of the Corpo. Despite not having access to most dialogue options, it is easier to win other factions over to your way of thinking.

The second episode of Night City Wire also revealed new information regarding the Nomad and Corpo lifepaths. To watch the full episode, click here for all the details.

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