Cyberpunk 2077 Mobile Game Is Malware – Don’t Download This ‘Free’ Fake

Cyberpunk 2077 was arguably the most anticipated video game release in 2020.

The action role-playing game released by CD Projekt Red was met with a mixed reception, with many console players encountering poor performance and a wealth of bugs.

While CDPR continues to rectify some of the issues with the release of patch 1.07 and fans turn their attention to any DLC that could be arriving in 2021, it’s not just PC and console players that have experienced problems.

Just hours after the game released on December 10th, a ‘beta’ for a mobile version of the game appeared online despite there being no official confirmation of a release by CDPR.

After Russian anti-virus provider Kaspersky did some digging, all is not what it seems…

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It's Malware

According to Kaspersky, the ‘moblie’ version of the game is actually a piece of ransomware that encrypts every single file on the device.

In order to recover the files, the criminals demand $500 worth of Bitcoin to be sent to them within a 24-hour period. If the demand isn’t fulfilled within the time limit or the user attempts to delete the game, the files on the device will be lost. Not exactly the mobile gaming experience players were after.

How To Avoid

Before being tempted by downloading a mobile version of Cyberpunk, remember that there is no official mobile version of the game that has been released.

To avoid being the victim of cybercrime, be sure to double-check the website you are visiting before clicking the download button. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles and can be purchased through a number of reputable retailers.

Another handy tip to avoid any malware that could infect your device is to regularly back-up your files onto a hard drive or the cloud so they can be recovered in case the device is damaged, lost or becomes infected.

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